🚔 Breaking: Trump will be indicted on obstruction!

The NY case will probably embarrassingly fall apart. BUT…

Looks like an easy prove trump obstructed federal agents, via his lawyers, in the DC case.

Apparently the Feds came to collect and he said he has no more. Which was a lie.
Question is why come after his documents so soon, but never Bidens documents found in his garage. Or did they? And did Biden obstruct?

Trumps lawyer is being called to testify by federal judges… was he an implant?
Down the rabbit hole we go.

Unless he can prove the Feds allowed him housing of federal documents or if he can prove he declassified these documents.

Either way they will lynch Trump.

He will probably end up winning the election before the case is before a jury.

Are we really going to jail a president for shewing off federal agents? Mar-a-Lago was the second White House, and should be considered as so.

This article I’m linking is written by Andrew McCarthy, who is a huge anti-Donald Trump.

When I hear something I’ll let y’all know.