Breaking — Trump signs Covid relief bill with $600 payments, and loaded with pork

This is one of those WTF moments that is certainly to many of Trump supporters having them scratching their heads when all he could have done was to simply use a pocket veto. As much as I support Trump on many issues, he does not get a pass on this one. We will have to wait and see what the larger play is here, because this spending bill is outrageous to say in the least and Trump just signed it! Why? Sigh!

Breaking — Trump signs Covid relief bill with $600 payments, and loaded with pork

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Trump is the bill Belichick of presidents something is going down January 6th…

A further look into the 1974 Budget Control Act

The sad part is it is so late in the year for this trash legislation.

The prime way the dems get what they want, package a necessary spending package with a mammoth pork laden spending package.

With 27.5 trillions debt this will push it close to 30 Trillion, a totally inconceivable number.

This money won’t make it, after January 6th it’s over for Democrats

Trump was making sure that he got attention and him showing how he wanted more for American Citizens and Less For Globalists

This great act by Trump helped to by pass the fake news that has been blocking and lying on him

Lol, he doesn’t have a dog in the hunt and he doesn’t care. He’s a lame duck on his way out in three weeks…:wink:

So… has he just disarmed himself by invalidating the use of the insurection act or whatever it was?

He was also avoiding a government shut-down. If he had allowed the shut-down that would not have gone well with a lot of things, especially if there are to be ructions on/after 6th.