Breaking: SENATOR Josh Hawley announces he will object!

Awww hell yeah! Constitutional crisis here we go you better wake up America! Shit is going down January 6! I would say by mid February we will have a supreme court telling us if it’s state by state or majority rule. Trump will be president by mid February! Or January 6th

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None of this is going to happen.

Why not?..

He may protest on the 6th, but it will have the same effect on the outcome of the 2020 election that democrats protesting during the 2004 and 2016 elections had upon them.

Who really gives a chit…he’s just another retrumpliCON groupie…he needs to clean his lips
he just to close to trumputin…even Melania won’t go there…and she making millions from donnie…

Yep, and another lie sets there rotting on Trump’s Twitter feed that the Georgia SOS’s brother works for China…:roll_eyes:

Let that tide eating tds out! I’m
Here for you

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Hawley’s move is political theater to garner a pat on the back from Trump.

It will have no bearing on anything real or important…

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Well the objection will throw out all the votes in the 7 states lol hahah

Exactly! His whining is only to ingratiate himself to the cult of Trump. It’s going to have absolutely zero impact.

And to make all senate republicans have to go on record…:thinking:

What will they do, drop Trump’s ass in the grease, or go on record as bat shit crazy…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Relax all they are doing is counting real votes… we’re you excited Biden won. Lol so silly

She basically acknowledged that in interviews…

I predict Pennsylvania Georgia Arizona Wisconsin will all be tossed aside

hawley will piss all over the House create stupid statements along with donnies groupies…
then when Pelosi shuts his az down go home and throws them out…all will go home crying
about how mistreated they were…poor little retrumpliCONS so sad they just don’t get any
respect…do they…you all are a bunch of sissies a-holes …just keep following donnie off the
map you deserve that.

Hey if we give you give you a couple of states will you all move there…huh…both will be in russia
you’ll love that cuz that’s what you are russians!!!

Sorry pence will have the gavel, Nancy is a NO ONE as he throws out fake votes . You all will sit there and listen to Trump be certified for another four years of the greatest president the the United States of America has ever seen.


Do you wake every morning and decide to take Iceturd stupid pills?

hahahahahaha how much money do you have…

Democrats could avoid 48 hours of objections if they just decertify the fake ballots. Real easy

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