**BREAKING NEWS*** DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents

As I stated in a previous thread, the Flynn Case and all its inconsistencies would sooner or later reveal that the prosecution and the methods that they employed to pressure Flynn to admitting that he lied would unravel. In a stunning admission DOJ just admitted a major mistake, which should bolster the defense’s motion to dismiss the case outright, has just taken a major turn to which if anything else should start exposing the corruption in the swamp and exonerating Flynn. This is a major development and no minor whoopsie here, this is a major FK-up (pardon my french) on the part of the DOJ, which suggests further that this could have been at the direction of William Barr who is intent on cleaning up the corruption within the FBI and the DOJ.

Excerpt from the article below:

"For the prosecution to now reverse course and say the agent attribution was transposed, is either the biggest screw-up in a high profile case…. OR, the prosecution now needs to reverse the note-takers due to the exact, and common sense, reasons highlighted by the defense.

This is so far beyond sketchy the light from where sketchy emanates won’t reach this sketchy location for a year.
This ain’t no ordinary ‘ whoops, my bad ‘…. move along, move along folks .

o the prosecution didn’t change authorship of the individual FD-302 reports, but now changes authorship of the agent notes that underwrite the FD-302 reports?

Sorry, I ain’t buying what they’re selling.

Hopefully, at the very least, Judge Sullivan requests Agent Strzok and Agent Pientka to appear in his court and asks them to swear to the authorship. This is nuts."

Tweet from Sidney herself!

Interview with Sidney Powell about this recent development.