Breaking – New York Times Makes Democrat Endorsement…

Things that make me say hmm? Well at least this confirms the cuckery of the New York Timez and further endorses Trump’s reelection efforts!

Well I’m sure both girls will get a huge bump in the pols.

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A double endorsement? Really? Proof that they are nothing but a bunch of spineless weasels and the “paper of record” is no more.

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Not surprising a Leftist Socialist rag supporting Leftist Socialist candidates.

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It boils the decision way down to one issue: which one has the biggest rack?


Great! They endorsed two deep state establishment clowns that have zero excitement from anywhere.

Amy Klobuchar has an advantage in the looks area.

Have you taken a good look at Elizabeth Warren…you sure that’s a woman?

Yeah - their endorsement did wonders for Hillary!

Breaking! NYT endorses two Democrats for the first time since they have been permanently endorsing Democrats for forever.

Of course, but when was the last time they endorsed two women, one who is a pathological liar and the other who can’t remember people’s names to be President of the United States? This is the New York Times virtue signaling their white flag of surrender of the common vote and more about raising the spectra of the woman’s vote against misogyny as a rebuke to Trump.

The Queen of Mean and Lieawatha. Go figure!

Maybe the Times is doing this as a magical combo virtue signal, woke exercise in endorsing the liar and the one who’ll never catch fire.

Klobuchar is actually the Dems’ second best hope behind Gabbard. Moderate Dems and Republicans alike can accept Klobuchar as she’s a centrist. She’s unattractive, and so is Trump - but she’s articulate with a Midwestern twang; she could win. Warren could not; nobody likes a scold

Lol! Like that!

This is awesome and has been making its rounds on social media!

I feel that news organizations shouldn’t be endorsing political candidates. It just confirms bias and news organizations should strive for unbiased reporting even though in reality it is not fully possible to remove all individual bias.

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They have endorsed every single democrat to have ever run since the days of John F Kennedy. Their bias has been on display for 50 years. Nice of you to notice just now how absolutely abhorrent it is.

I heard that Klobuchar beats her staff and the NYT made excuses for her and said it was because she couldn’t enough talented people lol

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Don’t you think that would be Tulsi Gabbard??

I was talking about the two endorsed candidates which you obviously missed. I agree that Tulsi is better than them two put together.

Easy fellar. I figured you would agree on Tulsi.

I don’t know about beating her staff, but I did hear she treats people horribly.