BREAKING: National Guard Warns Soldiers Not To Wear Uniforms In Public After Soldiers Accosted By Leftists At Buffalo Wild Wings

Left-wing anti-Keystone pipeline protesters accosted a group of National Guard soldiers at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Rapid City, South Dakota, the National Guard confirms to Big League Politics.

In response, the National Guard has warned its service members not to wear their uniforms in public while they are off duty, as the anti-pipeline protests intensify.

“I can confirm that the incident took place, and that there were National Guard soldiers that were involved,” National Guard lieutenant colonel Anthony Deiss confirms to Big League Politics. More than 80 people protested outside the Rapid City courthouse as the battle over the Keystone pipeline heads to court. The ACLU’s lawsuit against South Dakota governor Kristi Noem over a law seeking criminal penalties for “riot boosting” made its way to court Thursday.

“We’ve made National Guard soldiers and service members aware of the incident and what had happened and to maintain awareness when out in public in uniform, and if they see something out of the ordinary or suspicious to report that through the chain of command,” Deiss stated.

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Why can’t they just beat the ■■■■ on the spot? I’d even be alright with then shooting them on the spot.

And that’s why you’re not in charge of anything important…

I wonder why this isn’t “breaking” anywhere else. :man_shrugging:

Likely for the same reason the Gibson’s bakery 33 mil. additional punitive damages verdict isn’t breaking anywhere else but right leaning sites- and you know why, don’t you. Honestly, if the award had gone the other way, it would lead on every station but FOX, and you know it.

Perhaps now you can understand why Fox’s ratings are high, while CNN’s ratings are in the tank, and Racial Madcow is lucky if her cameraperson is paying attention. People know the leftists have taken over most outlets, and they reject them because of it.

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Yes, of course I do. But at least it’s more than one.

That’s what I was wondering. They’re treating the National Guard like teenage girls in need of protection.

Army soldiers already are unarmed. Now they can’t wear uniforms. Maybe they should all wear government issued high heels.

Well of course, America’s not a battlefield.


Libs can’t read.

Aren’t you the Einstein who said that violence comes from the right? Does this story help remove your head from your arse?

They should be instructed to stand their ground and defend themselves and if necessary, use what they’ve been taught!

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Unfortunately, we don’t teach a lot of self defense to National Guard & regular armed forces anymore. They ensure they’re disarmed as well. Know how stupid it gets? When Sadaam invaded Kuwait, they put us on the gates in shifts with the MP’s. They gave us an M16 and no ammo… we were like “So if someone comes driving through the gate, we hit them with the butt of our M16?” Fortunately, we had a guy that was SF teaching a class for self defense that we were encouraged to attend. Only about 10 of us went to his class each week and we learned a lot. I’d like to see our military get back to the days of teaching hand to hand combat.