Breaking: kaboom! scotus rulings

The Supreme Court in the last 24 hours of when posting this, had just handed down some key rulings that will have some implications. One such ruling was Fischer VS. The United States, which basically is going to set 350 people convicted in the Jan 6 (FBI False Flag) of the so called Capital fiasco free. The court strikes a key charge used in hundreds of prosecutions of defendants who entered the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, attacks.

The other case is the Chevron ruling that is going to pretty much Neuter the Administrative State. The Supreme Court overrules the Chevron doctrine curtailing the power of administrative agencies to interpret ambiguous laws.

Also Jack Smith and his case against Trump also suffered a major blow with the recent rulings as well as it pertains to the Chevon case.

You can read about it in the link below in more detail, but all in all a positive sign that things are starting to change.


Here is a more detailed explanation of the Chevon ruling and what it actually means.

Excellent explanation of the recent ruling on the Chevon rule.

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The ATF needs to be abolished! They overstepped on so many things that at this point they are nothing more another form of totalitarian enforcement. They also Illegally confiscate people’s guns and then don’t return them.


I hate the ATF for the very same reasons you just articulated! They are thieves!

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