Breaking Globalism's Circle of Lies

Way of the World finds some relief from the usual anti-white movies in the form of a recent remake of the Lion King. What is interesting is the view from the perspective of animals puts things in a proper narrative to which todays cultural wars is trying to fight against!

Who are the hyenas? A metaphor for what is happening today within human culture?

That’s America today.
Who are the hyenas? Not the Muslims, as the commentator suggests, or Asians. That’s one tribe you are not allowed to criticize.

The Lion King is believed to be inspired by the work of Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astro Boy)

who interestingly descended from a well-known ninja clan.

But more importantly, Tezuka was an atheist and thus his works tend to preach that there is no such thing as divine order and that Asian/African races are being treated as second citizens without him directly pointing finger at whites.

Thanks for providing more useless information and missing the thesis of OP altogether! You either have a serious problem with comprehension or you didn’t watch the video!

Like I stated, the whole movie was inspired by Tezuka’s comic and followed the general plot.
I recall that he (or his company) lodged a complaint against Disney.

Has nothing to do with the topic at hand! Again, another example of you not getting a general understanding of the rules here by trying to derail a thread let alone grasping the basic understanding of the topic!

Where is the “Globalism’s Circle of Lies”?

Watch the fucking video! Clearly you either didn’t or are mentally challenged to grasp its intended message! Which one is it?

Have you watched the video yourself?

Yes I did duh! Which is why I posted the OP to begin with! Are you really that dense?

There is order in the universe. If you ask me, that’s divine. Only man creates disorder.

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I told you. The original creator of the plot was an atheist with very interesting ancestry.
His another creation was a boy robot with human emotions and sense of obligation to work for just society. Isn’t it strange?

Again posting more bullshit that has nothing to do with this thread! No one gives a shit you simply didn’t watch the video!