Breaking — Ghislaine Maxwell Mystery Files Unsealed 👀

Oh Boy! Its a whopper!

n unsealed court documents released just a few hours ago, Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Guiffre told investigators that she hung out with Bill Clinton on the sex trafficker’s pedophile island and that “sexual orgies were a regular occurrence.”

She added that President Clinton engaged in sexual relationships with “two young girls.”

In addition to the Clinton bombshell, documents revealed the FBI had this picture of Prince Andrew, handler Ghislaine Maxwell, and minor Virginia Guiffre Roberts in their possession for nearly a decade.

Link to court documents


Explosive stuff. Thanks for the post!

This is just the beginning brother! Did you see Obama give a political speech at a funeral? Holy crap! They are acting out because the shit is about to hit the fan! Watch and enjoy and remember where you heard it from!


Man! There is more dripping out!

MIT professor

Alan Dershowitz is not going to be able to live this one down! Holy moly!

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If the condom don’t fit you must acquit.

This is classic Bill Clinton!

He never had sexual relations with that girl, only later to admit that he did. Monica Lewinsky must be smiling right now.

I read she also mentioned a “large hotel owner”. Could that be Trump?

If and its a big if, she survives, we are going to see a lot of familiar names outed.

This type of peversion transcends politics, because the ultra wealthy on both sides indulge in this.

I once read perversion is a rich mans game. I believe this because the normal working joe is too busy grafting to make a dollar.

Of course you get perverts in all soci economic classes but buying underage girls, going to a private island etc, thats for thw truly wealthy.

That could be anyone, besides Hilton, Sheraton, not to mention a few billionaires owned by Chinese magnates! If Trump was involved, as President he would have suppressed this from coming out vs. exposing declassified information. Logic says so.

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There is more coming in the next few weeks, some on this list are active political figures and I suspect that choosing timing as we draw closer to election as a preferred strategy of maximum effect is when it will be revealed

That is true. In the minds of the wealthy, they think they can do anything, they justify their indulgences with a false pretense of free will by the victims wanting to get paid. The reality though is that is much more sinister than that.

It was a “French hotel magnate.”

The guilty will be pooling their money to pay this lady off.

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It’s tool late! She’s already spilt the beans!

We’ll just have to see.

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They have been saying it all along. There will be a steady drip right up until Election Day. Like the wiki leaks, remember?

She will do or say anything to make a deal. Otherwise she spends the rest of her life in prison.

The problem here is that very little of this can be corroborated.

She’s already got more money than she can ever spend. All she cares about is getting out of prison before she needs a walker or a wheelchair.

This won’t make a bit of difference to the election. The Dems live and love this shit. If anything this takes the spotlight off Sleepy Joe which only benefits him.

Well, who knows who it benefits, but just as I predicted, this is setting up like the steady drip similar to Wiki Leaks of Hitlery’s and Podesta’s e-mails back in 2016.

This is unreal! CNN if media sources mentions Bill Clinton!

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Excellent question!