+++BREAKING+++ Former Japanese Prime Minster Assassinated

This is rather sad news. Reports are that he had no vital signs while being rushed to the hospital. Initial reports was that he collapsed on stage at an event he was attending, but others heard gun shots. Reports now are saying he is dead but will have to wait and see as this story is still developing.

As many know, him and Former President Donald Trump were good friends.
So prayers to Abe and his family!

Abe arriving from a medivac at the hospital.

First video surfaces of the actual shooting

The gun used

Picture of the shooter

Video of the shooting


Edit +++UPDATE++++

Shinzo Abe has died.


The 1932 murder of the Prime Minister created a Vaccuum that opened it up for the Shinto Militarists and WW2. Even though Kishida is gaining in ability everyone still looked up to Abe

This murder was especially evil for Japan


Yeah, I am sure China is rejoicing over this development regarding Taiwan. His assassination will have reverberating effects for years to come.

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We are in a fog-of-war moment, so I do not want to overstate anything, but, given Abe’s position toward China, Taiwan, and his staunch alliance with the “West”, this is a dangerous development. If the people of Japan coalesce around the idea that China is behind this killing – by no means a certainty – this is going to majorly ratchet up world tensions

What I find most extraordinarily weird regarding this as being recent news is how fast this major event has disappeared from the headline news. A major prime minster was just assassinated and the entire news has moved on from it less than 24 hours. I remember when Anwar Sadat was assassinated and how that was in the news for several days following but not this! Why?

Written by Abe himself

Some say he didn’t die. But it’s only a conspiracy theory.

What is the mood like in Japan right now following this event? Is the media there still talking about it?

Yes. Funeral at a Buddhist temple and eulogy, etc. Nobody seems to be speaking ill of Abe (at the moment).

Now the talk is about the alleged connection with the Unification Church, which is generally disliked in this country.

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Do you think Abe was intentionally killed by the connections to the NWO or WEF?

These guys can analyze the situation here better.

I recently just viewed a pic with Kashida posing with the other douchebags from WEF.

Call these the Douchbags of the apocalypse, Kashida is third from the right.

What is very interesting to note two of these leaders (Draghi and Johnson recently resigned. There is more though, The Belgium Prime just resigned to today. The question is why?

Shit is happening!

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Alex has very Greek classical facial features about him.

Probably Plato looked like him. But not Socrates. LOL

State Funeral for Shinzo Abe