BREAKING: Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok SUES the DOJ for Violating His Constitutional Rights

Message to Strzok, careful what you wish for because sometimes it comes back ten fold! Just open up the Hillary e-mail investigation and and start grilling and that is all that would be needed to put Strzok behind bars! What a arrogant POS!

Aww. His rights were allegedly violated…well, I hope Flynn sues the entire FBI…including Mueller and Comey and especially Strozk - right after he gets whatever settlement the government hands to him to shut up and go away.

IS THIS A JOKE? FBI STROZK SUES OVER FIRING! This narcissistic “LITOM” was complicit in treason with his gang in trying to overthrow the USA! It’s indisputable that they were all complicit in an attempted coup d’é·tat! This is our country and truth shall prevail, by the AG & IG!

Is he high? Does he not realize that opens up everything he’s done for the last two or three years to discovery?

I’m wondering if that’s the point.

Unless he’s completely stupid he’ll want to avoid that at all costs.

Exactly! This is not going to end well for Strzok and anyone else in the circle that is being investigated for that matter!


Strozk is a narcissist. He was a member of the elite Senior Executive Service and feels like his pension is owed to him. He’s too blinded by his own self importance to see anything else.

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Oh it gets better!

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I may be wrong but I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing wave after wave of indictments and trials beginning this fall and accelerating into 2020 which will have a dramatic effect on the primaries and general election.

I think you are right which might explain why guilty dogs bark loudest analogy!

Strozk suing the FBI is laughable, learning of his horrible acts on the American people by his actions will be brought into view more clearly by Bill Barr & John Durham. Strozk should be jailed not just fired!

It takes time but it’s coming. Bring popcorn for the indictment announcement.

I think he really is that dumb.

A thinking person does not send thousands of texts to their illicit lover on the company phone and then try and claim they are “private” when the phone owner finds out.


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Odd how someone that was part of a plot that violated rights of due process etc. has the BALLS of an elephant to sue for his rights being violated.

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