Breaking — FBI arrests left-wing Anarchist leader John Sullivan for inciting riot in Capitol siege

That’s a typical Leftist, they think answering questions about things is beneath them, they think they are above the law, they have a Sociopathic mentality, no empathy, no love, only hate and contempt for Society.

This was good! Jordan calls them Marxists to their face!

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You know, if you’d just be fair minded, NO politician answers questions under oath….

Oh, and Jordan is a liar, no cities have “defunded the police”….:roll_eyes:

Trump took like 50 questions a day, he hid nothing


Isn’t it amazing that the left has to embed their people on the right just to make the right look violent and unhinged? If that were actually true none of them would be around anymore. We are a politically and socially restrained group — but our patience has its limits.


Thanks, we needed a good :joy: today….

What makes you say that? Do you believe that BLM is the only group that’s ever going to chimp out and break things?

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Who you talking to???

Who you talking to???

You! You fking dumbasss! Get a clue!

“If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them,” Trump said after warning of possible rabble-rousers. “I’ll pay the legal fees,”

Monte's Mouth

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Although it is certainly inadvisable–not to mention, illegal–to “knock the crap out of” someone who is preparing to “throw a tomato,” one would hope, also, that you would not condone the latter action (even somewhat).

Yeah, that was my point, you wanted the quote, I supplied it. Trump directed violence in the event of a tomato thrower and offered to cover the legal fees if someone was prosecuted for doing so….
He knew what he was encouraging was illegal. But many Americans don’t seem to care about that anymore……

I asked–in my previous post–if you would decline to condone such an action as tomato-throwing. (That is not to say that an illegal response would be okay. It certainly would not be.)

But would you answer my question, please–directly?

Well yes of course….:man_shrugging:

You still waiting for the Montecrusty to not be purposely Obtuse? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, we now have you on record: Acts of violence (or, at least, acts of enormous disrespect–not ordinarily condoned in a civilized society) are okay, just as long as they are directed against certain (approved) targets…

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I think you misunderstood. Yes of course I would decline to condone tomato throwing……:man_shrugging:

Perhaps I did, in fact, misunderstand you.

I thought you were declining to condemn such an action.

If you wound, indeed, condemn such an action, I will applaud that.

Well of course I would not condone throwing tomatoes at anyone. I don’t even see the purpose in people attending a Trump rally for the express purpose of interrupting it and heckling…

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