BREAKING: FBI Arrest Syrian Refugee, Foil ISIS-Inspired Attack On Pittsburgh Church

Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, 21, was arrested and charged with one count of attempting to provide material support and resources for ISIS and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction.

“The defendant is alleged to have plotted just such an attack of a church in Pittsburgh in the name of ISIS,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers said in a release.

According to the FBI’s counterterrorism department, Alowemer planned to bomb a church at 2131 Wilson Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Perry South neighborhood. He identified the church as Christian and Nigerian, and said he targeted it to “take revenge for our [ISIS] brothers in Nigeria.”

He allegedly distributed plans for how to make improvised explosive devices to a person he believed to be a fellow ISIS supporter but was actually an FBI employee.

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This can’t possibly be true, after all the refugees were thoroughly vetted before they ever entered the US and they all love us.

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We said this was a strong possibility and now it has been shown to happen. I do not appreciate policy that relies on FBI last minute stings to thwart acts of human sacrifice when we could have a stronger plan by not accepting warring cultures.

The mayor was quick to point out it is only a few extremists. I would think after the synagogal masacre the response would have been much stronger.

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As I keep reminding folks it only takes one to pull off a horrendous attack.

Give me a cause, a death wish, and a semi full of diesel and fertilizer and I could bring down an building in the country, or wipe out the largest indoor stadium full of fans.

Just give me my own personal firearms and I could pull off a shooting to make the Dallas Parade shooting look like a strong armed liquor store robbery where no one was even hurt.

I’m no racist but damn, the stakes are just too high to be flooding the country with potential terrorists.

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It’s not a matter of if…but when. The FBI won’t be able to catch them all. This is what happens when a country has open borders. It’s inevitable.


That is what absolutely floors me. The absolute stupidity of the democrats obstructing border security and the followers who see nothing more nefarious than “good people” who just wanna have a job. It is so stupid it is infuriating.

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Our borders have been “open” their entire history. Build a 30’ tall “big beautiful wall” along our entire southern border and as long as we continue our perpetual wars in the ME, and keep all our bases there, the US and it’s interests will continue to be attacked.

We’re a soveriegn nation and we’re not going to let Islamo Fascists dictate where we go, who we do business with or what we do.

The minute we start allowing them to make such dictates we will be overwhelmed.

As long as the status quo USFP for the ME continues, we will logically have problems with radicalized Islamic attacks.

You just gave us the perfect justification for eradicating them wherever they exist.

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Most certainly to not accept refugees whose loyalty is in question at all.

Interesting in how the local media is focused on the victim reaction rather than the cause and motivation of the thwarted perpetrator. Almost as though the victim is the problem.

A representative of the 500-unit Northview Heights housing complex, managed by the city’s Housing Authority, said he wasn’t satisfied with the statement.

“Lots of fear up here in North View Heights. You know I have mad love for you @billpeduto but the residents up here need answers,” Marcus Reed, president of the tenant council, wrote on Twitter, and he went on to differentiate his U.S.-born neighbors from those who arrived recently.

“I had a neighbor knock on my door last night, scared because a Syrian family lives next to her,” Mr. Reed said by phone Thursday. “… Since the immigrants been up here, you can see all kinds of different services knocking on their door and bringing them food. We never had that type of treatment.”

It is becoming clear that the political dogma of all immigrants are good is coming at the direct expense of local minorities. Will these minorities continue to support D politicians? They certainly need to think very hard about this.


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It’s always existing minority populations that suffer the most when an area is flooded with new immigrants.

At some point more and more of them will be waking up.

I sure hope so. This is a poor minority church that lacked security. Other targets including a mosque were rejected due to better security at those locations according to the FBI.

His motivation was to support the Islamic State and inspire other sympathizers in the U.S. to join to together to commit similar crimes, the FBI said.

After rejecting other potential targets in Pittsburgh, including a Shia mosque, Mr. Alowemer chose the Wilson Avenue church to “take revenge for our [ISIS] brothers in Nigeria,” the complaint said. He described the church as Christian and Nigerian.

He was going to meet with his supposed collaborators one more time Wednesday to finalize plans for the attack, set for July, when agents took him into custody.

What worries me is that with all of the refugees and illegals that have been flooding the country for the last decade there could be hundreds or even thousands just like him planning similar or worse attacks.

The FBI has to be right every single time, terrorists only have to get it right once to have devastating effects.

We complain about the NSA, the “Surveillance State” etc but they’ve done an amazing job at such interventions since 9-11.

It is inevitable though that we’ll eventually see something equal too or even far worse than 9-11.

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I agree. Congress needs to work with the President and put the brakes on accepting refugees.

America has always been exceedingly generous. It is morally fine to take a closer look and follow the existing law and improve the process.

You know, I’m perfectly fine with accepting refugees but only those who can be thoroughly and absolutely vetted.

They also need to have a system by which those from troubled places in the world can be monitored on some sort of a probation for at least 7 years after entering the country.

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Hell , we are even giving ILLEGALS driver licenses and food stamps , educating their many children , providing unlimited healthcare , they have to love us . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

If only it were so. There used to be nobody more loyal and patriotic than immigrants but we’re attracting the worst, not the best the world has to offer these days.

You cannot have an open ended welfare state and open borders without the country collapsing eventually into chaos.

We need to look no further than Venezuela’s economy: 'It’s at the point of no return’

Venezuela holds the world’s largest supply of crude oil – what once seemed like an endless gusher of cash. Now the government is running out of money, prices are soaring, and nobody knows how much worse it will get.

Venezuela was a powerhouse of South America in the 1990s. Former President Bill Clinton made it his first stop on a trip to the region in 1997.

The country turned toward socialism in 1999 and elected Hugo Chavez president. He championed populism, cut ties with the United States and cozied up to China and Russia, both of which loaned Venezuela billions.But his government far overspent on welfare programs, and seen today as a hero for the poor.
Now it fixed prices for everything. It declared farmlands state property and then abandoned them, and instead made the nation dependent .