BREAKING: Dan Coats to resign… Johnny Ratcliffe to replace as Director of National Intelligence

In an interesting new twist, President Trump announced on Twitter Sunday that he will nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence, confirming Axios’ earlier reporting that Ratcliffe was favored for the job. Coats will leave office on August 15. What does this actually mean in the bigger scheme of things? Coats perceived by many of his detractors as being a swamp creature applauds this latest announcement in what seems to be a move on the chess board when other pieces are heading towards a prosecutorial climax for certain actors who may have committed treason!

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Every time someone like Dan Coates leaves this administration, I worry. But in this case, I’m especially concerned. Not sure who is left that will speak truth to power.

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Really? That is pretty funny!

DNI Dan Coates was actually trying to protect us against Russian interference, so naturally Trump and the GOP needed him gone.

Not to worry though since Rep. Ratcliffe will be the new DNI…even though he has no real background in Intelligence gathering. Trump didn’t listen to Dan Coates anyway since he was honest and spoke the truth. Only the “stable genius” knows all about intelligence gathering! Watch out Generals!

You pretty much have it wrong and are only parroting what media is spoon feeding you! You are free to assume whatever you want, but remember you sometimes end up looking foolish when doing so!

This is Great News. Ratcliffe is a Great replacement especially for someone (like Dan Coates) who seemed conflicted and lost for the most part. Christopher Wray should be replaced ASAP. The man allowed Weissman to use the FBI to persecute Innocents. Wray is INEFFECTIVE.

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Radcliffe has been on the House Intel Committee since 2015. Prior to being in the DNI position, Dan Coates’s only Intel experience was being on the Senate Intel Committee.

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The only safe jobs in the White House are the ones occupied by his unelected family members.

Ratcliffe’s bonifides are pretty week in the national security/intel area but at this point I think we may need to worry about loyalty and someone willing to root out the corruption within the system.

He’s a bright enough guy he can easily learn the rest as he goes.

Well, it looks like his nomination is scaring a lot of Democrats right now!

If he nominated The Pope for HHS democrats would riot.

No matter who he nominates for any position this is what we can expect.