BREAKING: Billionaire Open-Borders Shill David Koch DEAD at 79

David Koch, billionaire cuckservative activist and philanthropist for open borders bullshit, finally dies at 79.

He and his cucked globalist brother, Charles Koch, helped to build a massive cuckservative network of donors to support globalist economic policies.


Nice to wake up in the morning to good news.

Too bad it wasn’t at the hands of the 3rd world scum he loved so much…


Great news. Another boomer down.

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He was no fucking conservative! What an asshole! His Brother who is a bigger asshole just joined Soros to form a new democracy group aimed at more undermining of Americas sovereignty! These two dickheads were responsible for the lobbying efforts on behalf of the COC that ushered in NAFTA and that also bought that other cuck ass traitor Paul Ryan who stabbed Trump in the back just before leaving for the exits leaving the immigration mess that is being felt today! Great news!

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Whatever. You know, I don’t envy the rich and I don’t pity the poor. Life runs it’s course. Brief trip; and the Great Equalizer is waiting for us all. Anyway, my body will go to medical reserch ( UP Medical School in Philly ); so I got that goin for me.

What are talking about? You are going to live as Long as Moses did! So just sit back and start planning what you are going to do with all those years ahead of you!

Hopefully his other globalist brother bites the dust next, along with the ultimate globalist, Soros and his homo son.

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The death of David Koch gave me time to reflect on the long decades of plotting and propagandizing the right has done through funding the falsifying think tanks of Heritage, Americans For Prosperity, American Enterprise Institute, The CATO Institute, the conservative law schools Like George Mason and Regent, Really fake outlets like Fox and Sinclair. Guys like Koch have given us our white supremacist ascendant political power cadre. Long decades will be needed to fight back, but where will the money, perseverance, and killer instinct come from?

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Now I almost took you seriously until you insert the bullshit “white supremacist” part! Looks like you are willing to accept the narratives put forth by the SJW, and the fake outlets that you supposedly are awoken to, only to be repeating and propagating their message.