BREAKING: Activist Judge Rules Immigrants Can't Be Required To Obtain Health Insurance for Visa Eligibility

This will go to the Supreme Court where literally every challenge mounted by Trump has been decided in his favor. I love that lefties seem to be willing to trumpet and cry out in joy about these temporary lower court victories which they always, always lose to Trump, and which set precedents which will do more damage to their anti-American causes than just shutting up and letting Trump do whatever he wanted to would have.


Then I shouldn’t be required to pay for their constant ER visits.

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These freaking lunatics can feel all the White Privilege guilt they want just as long as they dont obligate the rest of us to pay for their largess.

Maybe they are uninformed.

Maybe they dont realize that we are not putting a dent in solving the problem of poverty by bringing immigrants here and being their benefactor (and this video says NOTHING about the baggage of those we allow in).

Gumball Immigration.

EVERYONE who opines on the subject of immigration, (INCLUDING THE JUDGES AND LEGISLATORS!) will enjoy and find interesting, this brief, informative and colorful video.

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Well, this is indeed a hollow victory for the Marxists, however, the requirement that is being put forth on the executive level will have staying power if such requirement is permanently enacted within immigration law. That being said, most countries around the world have a similar approach when requesting a visa based on extended stay. Even some countries require this on a tourist visa, so this is not an unreasonable enforcement order and this judge in this case will probably be over ruled.

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@ Pipe Layer, The precedents being set will ensure future presidents, both republican and democrat alike, will be a bit further above the law with absolute immunity and secrecy of their financial records. Not sure whether that’s a win or a loss for the country…

For both sides, these type of decisions seem to be treated in the here and now only.

Isn’t it crazy how liberals quickly change their tune when they don’t like something?

They were all about Obamacare forcing Americans to have health insurance but apparently they don’t want to force that same pipe dream of theirs on people who have no business being in our country. It shows you where their loyalties lie those deceptive and traitorous pieces of shit.

You’re forced to have auto insurance too…