Boston reparation task force appoints 11th and 10th grader to decide how much blacks will get paid lol

This shit is so unconstitutional, but it’s ok, these animals will spend money on sneakers and chicken.
Robbery will sky rocket.

This might back fire. Blacks might use the money to put kids in private schools, and turn them in to republicans when it comes to paying taxes. Lol

LOL… that should work out just fine. :joy:

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This is an ill-conceived approach. Determining who should receive reparations and how much they should receive is almost impossible as there are no clear criteria for eligibility. It’s also unclear where the money would come from, and it could create an unnecessary economic burden on society. Reparations do not offer any real solutions to ongoing discrimination or inequality; they only provide a one-time payment which is unlikely to have any lasting impact.

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Who’s being discriminated against? Who’s not equal?

Racism is pervasive in America, evident through the systemic and institutional policies that promote racial inequality. These policies range from voter suppression to unequal access to education and healthcare. Racism can also be seen in the cultural and linguistic differences between communities of color, with many Americans of color being discriminated against due to their language or accent. Additionally, there are still numerous examples of racism in the workplace where people of color are denied promotions or paid less than their white counterparts. Racism is sadly still prevalent in America today, whether it is through subtle displays or blatant bigotry. I see it on full display here quite frequently.

You said a lot but have no evidence. Is the GPT generated?

There is plenty of evidence, which is exactly why there is such a push to rid this country of systemic racism.

Name a person that has been a victim and the crime they experienced

If you aren’t informed on the issue then maybe you should Google it yourself.

So you can’t prove it, you just call Americans racist lol

You need to give that rhetoric a rest. There is no systemic racism in this country. Every race has the same opportunities as any other. Most Blacks, Hispanics and Asians will tell you the same. Hard work, desire and the will to succeed is what separates those that have/get and those that don’t… not systemic racism…lol.


Rhetoric? How about the evidence supporting discriminatory hiring practices, disproportionate punishments for those convicted of crimes, poverty-induced health disparities, underfunded public schools in communities of color, the lack of low-income housing, and so on and so on…

Sounds like the descendants of all those African warlords who sold their people into slavery should pay up!

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You can take your fake Liberal tears somewhere else. I have no time for leftist bullshit.


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Your own rhetoric is like fuzz on a sweater, its not defined by lines and seams but by color. You offer no substantive argument to the superfluous and hyperbolic statements you make here. Lets list some examples according to what you just put into focus.


No content provided to prove that people of color are discriminated against through systemic disparities skewed to favor one race over another. In fact the system has been more discriminate against Whites than anytime in history. College admissions, foregoing SAT testing, “Affirmative Action” used in hiring practices as some examples. People of color are given more advantages to attend college, to being hired, or holding certain positions of higher office either in corporate, politics and or civil servant jobs. Oh and go ahead and challenge me on this point and I will be glad to pull the data up to prove that I am correct in stating this as fact.

Disproportionate Punishments for Crimes Committed:

Again no content provided by you to support your argument. The fact is incarceration rates against blacks is proportionate to the crimes they commit which they continue to lead out of every demographic group in the country despite being only 13% of the population

How about Homicides?


How about the argument that more blacks are killed by Police? Well those pesky little things called statistics and facts proves that to be false too!

Poverty-induced health disparities:

This statement alone is a bit misleading. Why? Because your inner socialist is screaming to get out to claim the healthcare is a individual right when in fact its a service. While I will admit there are disparities when it comes to affordable healthcare for everyone its not because of systemic racism, but one of rising out of control costs. The fact the healthcare industry has a monopoly on the open free market due to being the biggest campaign Lobbyist in Washington the issue of cost purposely never gets addressed. The free market system that is suppose to function properly through fair competition to bring costs down is not being allowed and in fact is purposely being suppressed by the establishment from both parties in DC, due to the efforts of the medical industry to continue to line politicians pockets to look the other way.

What I find most interesting in this healthcare debate is many of you from the left championed Obama’s ascent to the oval office in hopes that affordable healthcare will be available such as single payer option, which when challenged in the courts was deemed a tax. How did Obamacare work out?

And no don’t blame it on RepublicansI That excuse can only be used for so long!

Its the fact that is was a bad policy (ACA) to begin with and it started with the most sinister of nefarious intentions when it had to be hatched up behind closed doors without debate or transparency. A piece of legislation that was suppose to be one of the most important in US history was relegated to being a ponzi scheme in the end, when Obama could have simply stated that raising taxes to pay for healthcare would have been an easy solution that most Americans would have agreed to; but instead he institutes a mandate to which would be the impetus to the biggest congressional losses for Democrats in US history back in 2010.

Underfunded Public Schools in communities of color:

Where is your data and source to support your claim? I would be willing to bet that those same schools that your bleeding heart is crying about are overwhelmingly from Democratic blue states when some districts are run by Black Politicians who have for years ignored funding, quality education etc. How about Oakland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detriot? As the saying goes, politics is down stream, and has nothing to do with racism, but more to do with power and corruption from the same party that you advocate to support and vote for. When those same leaders fail at carrying out their promises, people like you are right back here screaming racism by promoting more victim status quo because you refuse to be honest with yourselves to be accountable for the bad policies you support. Maybe that is why blaming republicans is so much easier then looking through an objective lens than emotional one to truly see the root of the problems affecting the country when it comes to social issues.

The lack of low-income housing:

Again, why is this the case? Your solution is to build more housing, without first looking at the root problem. You advocate for open borders while millions of illegals flood the country displacing many working class Americans, driving housing costs, driving up debt at Tax payers expense, but decry that there is not enough affordable housing to solve the housing problem. When in reality its Democratic policies that is failing to secure the Southern border that is a contributing factor. Also another issue is Foreign nationals buying up property at alarming rates in most major cities across the nation, yet I don’t hear a peep from the left in regards to addressing this problem. I could go on and on but what is the point? Most Americans from both political spectrum’s are in denial when it comes to causes of problems, and I certainly don’t hear about solutions coming from you, just complaints and using the blame game to fuel your empty fodder without substance here.

Essentially I can sum up your entire arguments in one meme, because yours is one that says “Government can fix anything” while ignoring the grass roots approach because everyone has to be a victim in the score of “intersectionality” that you bought on false pretenses brought to you by higher education.

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