Boston joins Dallas, Will Not Prosecute "Lower Level" Crimes to Help Non-Whites


"It’s not just Dallas, where elected officials are working to protect black criminals.

It’s not just Atlanta, where police are no longer protecting store owners in Buckhead from black criminals.

It’s also Boston, where the black District Attorney of Suffolk County has pledged she will not prosecute low-level crimes because they disproportionately impact black and brown people. [‘This is precisely what Suffolk County wants;’ DA Rachael Rollins stands behind pledge not to prosecute low-level crimes, Mass Live, 4-5-19]:"

"Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins pushed back against the Baker administration’s concerns that her pledge not to prosecute certain low-level crimes would pose a risk to public safety and hurt Massachusetts’ efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.

“I’m not going to engage in fear-mongering,” Rollins told reporters Friday afternoon at district attorney’s office. “I believe we do have an opioid crisis. I am personally aware of that. I am the guardian of two nieces as the result of it.”

Rollins characterized the letter from Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Secretary Thomas A. Turco warning against Rollins’ recent policy memo as an attempt to interfere with her pledge to tackle the mass incarceration of people of color in Suffolk County.

Turco released the letter to the State House New Service Thursday night, warning that Rollins’s recent policy memo could “put at risk the Commonwealth’s ongoing efforts to combat the ongoing crisis of the opioid epidemic.”

Some of her policies could “substantially restrict government’s ability to protect victims threatened with serious crimes,” Turco wrote in a two-page letter.

Rollins questioned why state officials didn’t approve proposals to create safe injection sites to curb overdose deaths and HIV transmissions across the state instead of focusing on her policies. Rollins went on to say her pledge to not prosecute certain misdemeanors and low-level felonies is about leveling the playing field in the criminal justice system."

I think I’m going to throw up…as if welfare, section 8 housing, and other handouts weren’t enough now they get to be criminals for free. Its probably just being pushed to make the black crime stats lower so the 13% memes stop becoming relevant.

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When Racism becomes politically correct all the Woke are racists.

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Soros investment is paying off.

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Maybe cops should just ‘blue flu’ the areas these politicians live in. Just pull back a little and see how they like it.

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These po widdle wobbers sure aren’t going to go rob stores with impunity in the surburbs … take too much effort to carry stuff home. No, they’ll rob what is close by, the stores their own neighborhood depend on for groceries, stuff and jobs.

So congratulations to the idiots of the Left: you’ve finally managed to take your racist views – that the color of one’s skin says something ineffiable about who a person is, can be and indeed even should be – and reach the point that you’ll pull back a basic city service from protecting minorities because other minorities aren’t committing crimes in your tiny fevered imaginations … they’re acting out in response to an imbalance of power between the races.

The next logical illogical step from here is to start charging whites with very minor crimes because of their white privilege.

So they will no longer prosecute the Affirmative Action types but charge all whites for the very same crime , why does that seem like selective prosecution ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Protecting criminals… … … lol