Boston Dynamics Robot does celebration dance — before it crushes your skull!

As a result of the Virus control mechanisms and the constant fear porn compliance by the elites desire to totally have control of society, this is what’s coming next to squash any rebellion that opposes their agenda. Why? Because manufacturing robots by the hundreds will not only be faster but cheaper. They are already building prototypes for war in China and imagine these being dropped by planes in the thousands when they decide to invade a foreign adversary such as the US or Taiwan? Pretty scary proposition when viewing the AI issue from a larger perspective.

Such as man power, loss of life and the capabilities to wreak havoc and destruction in urban centers where subjugation of human subjects not invincible to injury or death is the main objective. We have seen such contemplated scenarios play out in Hollywood movies for years, but this seems to be something we as a species are determined to see become reality.

Boston DYNAMICS IS NOW OWNED BY GOOGLE! Get the picture now?