Boris Johnson Meets With Macron - Macron Says Backstop Will Work

No deal works for me too, Mr. Macron. We can perhaps chat about such things when the EU and Britain are separate entities and we know exactly what we’ll be dealing with. You go back to having your goons pop a few eyeballs, granny fucker.

If Boris cucks us in this (and I’m starting to get a tingle that he just might) he’ll be done as will the Tories. We’ve had the ‘Leave’ date postponed once already and I’m starting to think he’s lining us up for another. I truly want to be wrong here.

Boris Johnson is meeting Emmanuel Macron in Paris for Brexit talks, with the French president saying the UK’s vote to quit the EU must be respected.

But he added that the Ireland-Northern Ireland backstop plan was “indispensable” to preserving political stability and of the single market.

The backstop, opposed by Mr Johnson, aims to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland after Brexit

Mr Johnson said that with “energy and creativity we can find a way forward”.

On Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the onus was on the UK to find a workable plan.


The UK should just do a deal with Le Pen when she wins, Macron won’t survive another term.

Remember: The pudgy albino worm voted for the Vassalage Treaty, mit le backstop. Now he’s crawling on his bloated belly to Mistress Merkel and Master Macron begging for a way to sell Version 4 to parliament.

He’s a turncoat traitor who’s already betrayed us, and he’s doing it again, and increasingly openly. It’s just a matter of when his sycophants become unable to deny it.

I wonder if you Brits will actually do anything before your entire country collapses?

As an observer from across the pond, watching Brexit unfold is like watching a bad dry comedy. The British government obviously doesn’t want to leave the EU, everyone knows this, but they have no choice to fulfill the will of the people…or admit that they are working against the people. That was the brilliance of Brexit. Either outcome is bad for the British deep state.

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When the UK leaves, I say deport all the French and embargo all french goods. Punishment needs to be met for this son of a bitch.

We’re waiting to see how the Americans bring down their house of cards.

You’re the first person I have heard postulating that Boris will sell us up/down the river.

He has been saying repeatedly that the UK is out on 31st October, and that it would be better with a deal.

Today Merkel stated that she thought a deal was possible (or some such words) and the £ leapt against most currencies.

It’s the entire West that’s gone bonkers; the only ‘normal’ country is Russia, and nobody can deny it.

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You think Angela merkel’s trading currencies???

Following a ‘rest period’ … all is not as it seems

Good - the more negative they are the more likely a no-deal exit, and we can spend that £40b on fixing the potholes in my road. I almost drove my car into one of them t’other day.

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You’re right - we’re witnessing the bizarre spectacle of politicians, the servants of the people, doing everything they can to frustrate the will of the people, who are their paymasters. The politicians are focussed on one thing - being able to leave Westminster for identical sinecures in another ‘talking shop’, the result of which is for this country to continue to be governed by unelected foreigners, and there’s only one word for anyone who wants that, and it’s ‘traitor’.

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