Borderless - 2019 Documentary - Official Watch Thread

Lauren Southern, our favorite Candian THOT, has a new documentary about the Migrant Crisis. I’m going to watch it tonight, this is the viewing party thread. I doubt she’ll name the ■■■ any deeper than Soros.

Anyone who wants to watch can do so right here. Go full screen, cast it, download it, whatevs. Just put your comments about it in this thread.


I watched it shortly after it was released yesterday.

Farmlands is much better. Even ignoring the actual content and how feels-based it is, the editing is just crap. It doesn’t really form anything coherent, it just sort of jumps around with little structure.


I thought that Farmlands was pretty good and I’ve been looking forward to this one. Thanks for posting it.

Just finished watching it. It’s shit.

  • ridiculous fake deep voice, lots of croaking / vocal fry

  • shit editing

  • lots of blurry shots

  • cringy voiceover, sounds like something out of watch dogs

  • concludes with some bulldyke black saying everything’s fine just don’t worry about it


Thanks for the critique. I won’t waste my time watching it. I guessed it was worthless anyway, considering the source. :rofl:

A review has all the credibility of the reviewer. Nice job, that’s an hour and a half I won’t be wasting.

The first minute was cringe worthy and I’m glad I don’t have to waste another 1:26:00 on it.

There was no summary in the OP. It would have been like “Here. Put this in your brain.” from a unkempt and smelly stranger on the subway.

So… I’m sure it was great but I won’t be partaking.

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I’m the same way, too much crap on the internet. If you post a video and want people to view it, give a summary.

It would be great for her to watch it herself in order to learn more about production values and upping her game to not repeat the same mistakes!

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Looks like it was a good thing that @YangGang posted it here…despite the whining and complaining from the likes of some.

This film is a good thing. It shows the reality of migrants regretting their journey to Europe at the very least. Everyone she interviewed who made it said they regretted it. She got an Irish politician to sperg out when asking about a “refugee” hotel.

While it did not name (((them))) it did show (((their))) hand.

I like her work, especially her film in South Africa which she showed to be very courageous to have done that and to be fairly successful with that film. I think what some where critical about was her production values and how it was lacking. She is rather young in her career and will probably make some mistakes along the way in her decisions in what her final product when doing a film is going to be, which is why it’s important to have an objective set of eyes such as a decent producer that will help her get better at telling a story in the documentary genre! I am not sure who she has as her team but clearly she could use some seasoning to up her production skills! That is my criticism and for the most part there are some good moments with this film that exposes the truth in many ways and for that she deserves some credit for having journalistic integrity.

The person who made/makes no mistakes when they are young hasn’t been born yet with perhaps the sole exception, Jesus Christ.