Border Patrol announces shocking apprehensions before dawn

Illegal Immigration on camera—again! Just like ants invading your home, these illegal alien immigrants are receiving the benefit of protection on US soil just because they illegally crossed the border and stepped on it.

1000 did so TODAY!

Our immigration laws are insane…and the Democrats want them to stay that way.

Vote them out of office every chance you get!

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The only way this stops is if President Trump authorizes deadly force and deputizes all volunteer willing to head to our border to enforce our laws.

There’s no need to kill them. Just send them back…deny them automatic protection just for being here…change the immigration laws and enforce them.

You cross the border illegally, you go back across the border.

If you’re here illegally and get convicted of a crime, you pay the fine, do the time and then go back across the border.

You overstay your legal visa, you get deported to the country you came from.

If you are born on US soil to a US citizen, you are a US citizen. If you are born on US soil to a non-US citizen, you are NOT a US citizen.

If you are granted US citizenship, that privilege belongs only to you, not to your family back in your country of origin.

Only US citizens can vote in national elections and state elections for Representatives and Senators.

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I hate to break it to you but our government set up a ponzi scheme that will collapse without millions of immigrants being allowed in to prop it up. So you will only ever get lip service on this. Just go look at the national debt forecasts as the boomers age out.

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What were they crossing over? A fence? It took less than a minute to climb over it.

I thought all of this was supplemented with barb wire?

Here is the video:

I am so tired of this immigration bullshit. Man made these laws and man can get rid of these laws that are harming this country. If those we elected won’t do it then we need to put people in office who will - and make them terrified to cross us.

Here’s a way to stop it quickly.

If you bothered to click on the link, you’d have seen that the video link was in the article.