Border Patrol Agents Arrest Previously Deported Sex Offender Because We Have No Wall

Hopefully he doesn’t survive being put in with the general population.

TUCSON, Ariz. – A previously deported sex offender was arrested near Nogales on Saturday after he reentered the country illegally.

Tucson Sector CBP agents patrolling near a residential subdivision of Nogales came across 26-year-old Adolfo Torres-Aguilar, and determined he was a Mexican national illegally present in the United States.

After a criminal database check, agents discovered Torres-Aguiar had been convicted of Criminal Sexual Contact earlier this year in Bridgeton, N.J.

Torres-Aguilar, one of several sex offenders with convictions out of the northeast recently arrested by agents, will will face federal prosecutions for immigration violations.

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Just think about how many millions of these illegal sickos there are out there that haven’t ever been caught by law enforcement. It is a national emergency and we need to deport them all.


He crosses the border illegally in Mexico and manages to make it all the way up to NJ to sexually assault people there. It’s like they have an underground railroad that spreads these illegal vermin to every corner of the US and every city and town in between.

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It would be better, faster, and cheaper for the government to just issue the death penalty for illegal border crossings.

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Why did New Jersey let this criminal out???

IMO, every single crime and death perpetrated on an American citizen? A big damn deal out to be made out of it by congratulating those in Congress who obstruct border security as complicit.

He’d have been arrested regardless and while a wall will hopefully cut illegal immigration from Mexico to a trickle it certainly won’t put an end to it.

Those who are determined enough will still find a way in.

A wall is a deterrence, it won’t be 100% effective.

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I am not sure that a wall would have stopped him since there are other ways and places to enter

If the wall is ELECTRIFIED , so it makes the electric chair feel like a bee sting, they won’t climb it and will be channeled into other areas.

Effective barriers and security will keep the vast majority out for sure.

CPB figures we can cut illegal entries from the south by 90-95% if the border is properly secured.

This particular individuals might have found a way in anyhow but he’d be just one of very few instead of one of very many.

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Which is a fantasy, it’s never going to happen.

Why don’t you just ‘disappear’ migrant sex offenders in the first place? They’ll just keep on trying to get in until they eventually do, then we’re talking about the rape or violation of a woman or a child.

A lot of them do “dispensary”. The gov’t can’t however do it because it would violate our constitution.

This is how it should be. 1st entry, sent back; 2nd entry, sent back with many many lumps; 3rd entry, no longer needs to be sent back.

No, just make the first illegal entry worth 7 years at hard labor, no good time, no early release.

Followed up with a lifetime bar for ever entering the US Legally and a loss of any or all assets they have in the US.

Double the sentence with each subsequent entry.