Boom! We are all one family that loves America… Brilliant Stuff

Destroying Democrats with one voter at a time. Love this mans point of attack, and is really saying something about the democratic base and their losing the black vote!

This is awesome!


I hate the race card but I do like that it’s getting pulled and played on Democrats. They deserve it.

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That looks like he was in NYC Central Park! That’s the perfect place to find white racist liberals! Shooting fish in a barrel!

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I am not sure where this, but you could be right on the location! Blacks know that the Democrats are not their friends especially when they are for open borders and importing people who will be taking jobs away from them!

Nothing is more terrifying to a Democrat than a Black man wearing a MAGA hat calling them a racist. We need more of this.

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Mainly because they won’t know how to react. They aren’t used to being called racists. They think that term is reserved for anyone who disagrees with them. We need to fight fire with fire. The left continues to play identity politics and they are winning. If we start playinig identity politics then they will have no choice but to abandon it for a new approach.


Oh - are we allowed to pull the race card now?

If so. It’s okay to be white.

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