BOOM! President Trump goes SCORCHED EARTH during presser!

Never thought I would see it, but here we go! Something must be happening for him to be saying all these things!

Some highlights:

Subpoena all of Obama’s records

Subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton

Subpoena the Clinton Foundation

Look into the book deal that President Obama made

GOP will hold House, Senate and White House

He won’t… he bluffs just like he always does.

You are butt hurt! What ever happened to answering my questions about what is on page 303? You claimed to have read the report right? You chicken out afraid to be caught in a lie ?

Not sure what you are talking about?

I’m in this thread telling you that there isn’t a chance in hell that he investigates Obama. It’s a deflection. Red meat for his base.

Naa! You know what I am talking about you are just pivoting as usual! You claimed to have read the Mueller report, yet when asked about a specific detail of it, all we get is crickets from you! Classic Pragmatic!

He’d need an army of lawyers and agents and years to even scan through all of Obama’s records alone.

Ring any bells?

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This is a great reference! I saw this before in a similar context when speaking with liberals! I think on the Treehouse!

I agree…he won’t…

Funny stuff!

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Too bad the cart was empty.