Blue States Will Turn To Supreme Court After Appeals Court Strikes Down Obamacare Mandate

No surprise the AG of California blowhard Xavier Bacerra has vowed to take his fight to the supreme court after a lower court ruled that Obolacare also known as the affordable care act has been deemed unconstitutional due to the individual mandate. This will get interesting because the real possibility of Roberts being the deciding vote once again would be a twist of fate that could spell doom for the law itself that was controversial when it was ruled as a form of taxation!

Seeing that this was the only thing President Obozo ever accomplished, it makes sense why Democrats are so butthurt and insistent on defending this bill.

Also add insult to injury and one can surmise that Trump is giving them heartburn at every turn! Democrats got whats coming and they will be all the more deserving of the retribution that is coming their way!

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The ACA may be cheap for the subscribers however pretty much useless as the taxpayers foot the bill, the providers refuse their insurance.

You mean the subscribers who can actually pay for the policy, the copay and deductibles? More like the unaffordable care act :wink:

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Many cannot find PCP’s so the ER becomes their de facto doctor.

I know we had this discussion before, and again I will state that we shouldn’t have a healthcare plan without addressing the issue of cost! How can a free market health care system work when the Insurance companies are acting like monopolies and stifling competition in the market place?

Insurance companies are not the reason healthcare costs as much as it does.

The average profitability of a healthcare insurance company is 5% or less.

The real costs are related to labor. 60% of healthcare costs are labor related. Another large cost is government regulations.

So who should take a cut in their pay? Doctors? Nurses? The janitors?
Collections? Should we end new drug development? Could it be the over weight and obese population the US? The less than healthy life style, drugs and alcohol? Lack of exercise? Government mandating deferred payment services?
Should we take on the lawyers and their excessive lawsuits?

If we were to end insurance companies the cost of administration would be transferred to government exploding their costs.

I have friends the are doctors. Their liability insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits is outrageous.
One doc that delivers babies cannot afford to stop work. He is must insure for 21+1 year after he delivers his last baby because of the liability of lawsuits.

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I disagree! The insurance companies and the industry in general have actively eliminated competition thus being able to artificially jack up prices without worrying about free market mechanisms to self correct. The reason they are able to do this is because they are not only Washington’s biggest Lobbyist, but they managed to be in the pocket of every politician.

Like I said we had this discussion before and I already provided sources that supported my assertion on this issue.

And what happens if the SC dismisses? I mean, it looks like our libs want continual overtime until they win the game. Very un sportsman like. But then, our liberals have always been sore losers. This is becoming a circus.

I’m just a humble pipe fitter; but maybe if this money was applied to health care for legal citizens, it would help. Fact Check: The True Cost of Illegal Immigration

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And any financial site provides the proof of profitability. Generally in the 5% range.

The ACA ensures they spend at least 80% of premiums on services for their customers.

And the government cannot run a small system like the VA and people think they are capable of dealing with the healthcare needs of 330 million Americans.

The fraud in medicare and medicaid ar enough to tell the story.

And the largest cost related to healthcare is FAT ASSED Americans who want the freedom to eat everything in site and have someone else pay the price.

People just don’t get it or it doesn’t affect them directly so it doesn’t matter.

The cost of ER doctor visits which are seldom paid for. The cost of healthcare for The economic ASSylum seekers which are welcomed by the leftists.

Healthcare for the homeless.

But whenever you get government involved in anything, the costs explode.

I want them to go to the Supreme Court because it still boggles my mind that the government can demand that a citizen be forced to pay for a particular service that they may or may not want.