Bloomberg: America needs more immigrants

Bloomberg: U.S. needs more immigrants

By Jonathan J. Cooper

Published 1 day ago


Mike Bloomberg speaks to the media in Phoenix, Nov. 26, 2019. ( AP )

PHOENIX - Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the United States needs “an awful lot more immigrants rather than less.”

On his second day campaigning for the Democratic nomination, the former New York City mayor contrasted his views on immigration with President Donald Trump’s restrictive policies and laid out a vision of a multicultural society enriched by immigrants.

I sure hope not.

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Libs consider the perps immigrants; and the victims afterthoughts.

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Bloomberg is completely out of touch. What’s most entertaining is that boomers like mike probably don’t even have a computer and therefore have zero understanding of the social fabric of the interwebs.

The expensive ads he ran were all way off. Nobody is falling for that bullshit anymore, even other boomers.

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He’s got no chance in a nationwide contest, of course.

He’s in it either:

  • For his own ego, or

  • To try to pull votes from Biden to help out Boring Fauxahontas.

He built his empire using computer technology, didnt he?

Not that it will result in his ever becoming POTUS.

True! What’s even funnier is he thinks he can buy the White House the same way he bought being the Mayor of New York! He truly is out of touch and is usually the case with the 1%er’s who live in their bubbles without ever knowing how the 99%ers live, feel, think or know.

  • He’s boring
  • He’s grumpy
  • He’s an annoying miser
  • He’s about as charismatic as a wet fart
  • He will be 78 years old by the time the election rolls around

Yes he’s got a giant ego, but looking at the rest of the Democrat field, why wouldn’t he think he’s got a chance?

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In a field of blind men, the one eyed man stands supreme.

He just changed back to being a Democrat last year:

He was a Democrat until about 2001, then a Republican for a while, then an Independent for the past few years. Basically he’s not really a Democrat – he’s a NYC “Republican.” Between that, stop-and-frisk, and his positions on bank regulation, he’s gonna be a tough sell to the Democrat base.

But it gives Warren a billionaire bankster to run against – which would help her faux-populist schtick.

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He used a room air conditioner to cool his SUV as NYC Mayor.


When a Democrat says “immigrants” they no longer mean legal immigrants. Only people to come here if they ask nicely or bum rush the border.

Frankly, what this nation really needs is for hard core progressives to move to Europe en masse. They can take the homosexuals, transgenders and abortionists with them too.

They’ll be happier and we will not have to put up with their lunacy so we’ll be happier too.


It is possible to be wealthy & still be circling Mars.

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It’s actually easier to be wealthy, powerful or a celebrity and be looney. People don’t put up with as much from us po nobodies.

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I knew there was a problem when he tried to put his pants on the cat. Niles Crane, the shrink, at competency hearing.

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When John Du Pont Murdered Dave Schultz: The True Story Of …

He ended up in a minimum security prison for flat out cold blooded murder.

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LBJ’s hitman shot someone in broad daylight on a Texas golf course in front of witnesses and didn’t even get that after LBJ called the judge.