BLOCKBUSTER REPORT — Chinese Infiltration Within US Government! ***UPDATE***

Now we know the reason that Democrat Eric Swalwell is always sounding like an idiot whenever speaking. He was basically doing his masters bidding.

The house of cards is crashing down as more and more is revealed about our traitors in the house. Next few days will be interesting as more is revealed.

A suspected Chinese intelligence operative developed extensive ties with local and national politicians, including a U.S. congressman, in what U.S. officials believe was a political intelligence operation run by China’s main civilian spy agency between 2011 and 2015, Axios found in a yearlong investigation.

Fang’s ties to Eric Swalwell, which began when he was a councilmember for Dublin City, California, demonstrate China’s long game.

Swalwell rose to prominence rapidly, and in late 2012 became one of the youngest members of the U.S. House.
In January 2015, Swalwell was assigned a seat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, serving as the lead Democrat on the subcommittee on CIA oversight.

Details: Fang’s earliest known engagement with Swalwell occurred through the Chinese Student Association. By 2014, she had risen in local political circles and developed close ties to Swalwell’s office.

Fang “was a bundler” for Swalwell and other candidates, according to a Bay Area political operative with direct knowledge of her efforts. A current U.S. intelligence official confirmed her activity for Swalwell; a local elected official also said she brought in donors for other candidates. Bundlers persuade others to write checks for campaigns; they can bring in substantial sums of money as well as deepen the campaign’s engagement with target communities, making bundlers a valuable and thus potentially influential ally to a candidate.
The Bay Area political operative who witnessed Fang fundraising on Swalwell’s behalf was concerned whether donors she brought in were legally permitted to donate. They found no evidence of illegal contributions.
Fang facilitated the potential assignment of interns into Swalwell’s offices, the political operative said. In at least one case, an intern recommended by Fang was placed into Swalwell’s D.C. office, this person said. A current U.S. intelligence official confirmed the intern placement.

For Fang, targeting Swalwell made sense. His 2012 campaign — which was something of a longshot bid, pitting a young and relatively inexperienced city official against a longtime incumbent from the same party — relied heavily on Asian American support, said a former congressional staffer from the East Bay.

That made Swalwell’s ties to the Chinese American community, and particularly APAPA, the Asian American civic organization, especially important.


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Eric Swalwell is that filthy Commie POS who wants to forcibly take peoples guns off them and if they don’t just bend over they will be thrown into a Gulag.


Please quote Eric saying that…

It makes perfect sense! It was bought with CCP money! Can’t wait until other scumbags like him are exposed.

This same Spy apparently had a fling with an Ohio mayor as well!

I wonder how many more Gov officials including judges are compromised?

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This is pretty chilling! China is laughing at us!


Here we have yet another Democrat with extensive ties to Communist China! Biden, Feinstein, and now this little pansy Swalwell.

Anyone with a lick of common sense and the ability to add 2 + 2 can see that all of these Democrats who are pushing for communism in this country and who are trying to rig elections are taking their orders from Beijing.

They are all traitors!


Trump has extensive ties to communist China too. And that doesn’t bother you. So you’re a hypocrite :wink:

STFU! You pathetic fking loser!

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What self respecting woman Chinese or not would actually have sex with Eric Swalwell? Not only is he an ugly POS he also looks deformed and pulls Autistic faces:


If he doesn’t resign then they should literally arrest Eric Swalwell, he’s a Communist Enemy Combatant, arrest the ugly POS and throw him in Gitmo. He is literally a Traitor.

Oh yes we must not forget Dianne Feinstein who had a Communist Chinese Spy literally as her driver and assistant for 20 years, she’s another Traitor.


Trump is not a Communist, the Democrat Party are the Communists and taking orders from the Chinese Communist Politburo.

Well first of all, I’ll assume that you mean to say the Democratic Party. And no, your accusations of the lot being communists is as puerile today as Mc Carthy’s insistence of similar in the 50’s…

I think that you don’t have a firm grasp of what communism is…

That’s NOT going to happen…

Things are not going to end well for these traitors!

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Then you have this which is a huge red flag!

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Yeah because you are the authority that says so! Yeah ok! (Sarcasm)