Blacks in Minneapolis Beating Whites on the Street

It’s a saying almost as old as time itself…around blacks, never relax. Despite all of the internal alarm bells going off, this dude probably didn’t want to look racist as this pack of feral pavement apes was surrounding him.

A few things to remember. Blacks are actually incredibly weak. 99.9% of them have glass jaws and will go down with a single punch. This is why they always approach their prey in a pack or it’s why they sneak up on unsuspecting people like in the knockout game.

Remember, this is a public safety announcement: AROUND BLACKS, NEVER RELAX


If you are in an area where you know black thugs are on the loose you MUST behave as though you just found yourself INSIDE a dangerous wild animal enclosure at a zoo, which is in fact precisely where you are.


That’s why Minneapolis is not in my area of PA; the Coal Regions. The only Old West Towns, East of the Mississippi. You can’t swing a dead cat in my neighborhood without hitting someone who is armed. That would be a very very short lived attack.


They are also very stupid. Especially when they are alone. They use the pack to help them accomplish things like collectively being gud bois doin nuffin tryin to turn dey life urround. They can be deadly when solo but usually their stupidity works against them.

Case in point:


As soon as they started trickling over he should have got up and ran. Waiting around to see what happens next was not the wise move.

It is crazy though, they do circle their prey just like wild animals.

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He probably voted for Obama and Hillary. Got what he deserved. Just took a while to catch up to him. I bet he votes for Trump next year.

Now now, there are professionals. This is a Glock .40. I’m the only one in this room professional enough to carry it. The rest is history. [

DEA idiot shoots himself teaching gun safety! - YouTube

Safety first! Watch this idiot from the DEA teaching kids about gun safety shoot himself with an “empty” weapon … --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See kids, this is how a professional with the IQ of a turnip, limps, after blowing off his toe with a Glock .40.

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Why are you Americans so scared?

Blacks do this to whites every day in America and whites never do anything to fight back.

This video is absolute and definitive proof that you will always need more than 10 rounds in your CCW.

Hey, I ain’t paranoid & I ain’t scared. Why would I be, I’m fucking armed. Much better to end up in court, than end up in the morgue.

Why have you let your country become completely overrun with Africans?

Lookie here, Deeze Bruthas gettin back at whitey and gettin an advance on reprations du us black folks from whitey.

Wow, that is awful.

I hate to blame the victim here, but what was he thinking? Does he have no situational awareness? Were alarm bells not going off for him?

I hope every single person involved in that incident is arrested. Personally, I’d like to see animals like this dropped in a third world country and forgotten about.

I’ll bet there are people who believe if reparations were paid, all of this anger and animal behavior will just… disappear. :unicorn:

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Their behavior could worsen, believing they are owed more with interest.
You can see the Hyena like pack behavior of these animals.
If some white cops came and started putting knots on their heads, they’d arrested on as many charges you could think of.

These aren’t black men . They are Hood Nggrs.

Honestly? If they were paid reparations I do believe their behavior would worsen.

This kind of crap needs to be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Give some people an inch and they’ll take a foot etc.