Blacks can’t handle Caitlin Clark is the best female basketball player ever

I pretty much hate woman’s basketball, but I kept hearing about this white girl named Caitlin Clark . “She’s the best ever” men’s and woman, watched a few highlights, so I tuned in to the game.
Iowa lost, very bad reffing.

But one black girl taunted CC, never got called for it, just really bad sportsmanship, says she did it for girls that look like her, like blacks can’t get on the court lol

Anyway blacks on Twitter have joined the taunting, and won’t stop.
They can’t handle a white girl is the best player in men’s and woman’s basketball.
They would probably lynch CC if they could, no way will they allow (not hype) this white girl to reach her destiny.
If you ever wondered why the. N word was used, these videos and comments are why.

This right here