Black Privilege: Beyonce Enrages Tourists After Shutting Down Grand Canyon to Shoot a Music Video

The double-standard is on full display at all times, folks. Blacks can do whatever they want and no one can anything about it.

Pop star Beyonce upset some Grand Canyon visitors who paid expensive access fees when she summarily shut down the popular tourist spot Havasu Falls to make a music video.

According to Access Hollywood , some visitors to the falls who paid hundreds of dollars to see the scenic wonder near the Grand Canyon found their access blocked for around four hours while Beyonce filmed footage for a music video for The Lion King .

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Rich Privilege. It’s never really been about race/gender/sexuality it’s about rich vs poor and is pretty much always going to be so. Everything else is just a distraction.

Cool. I say let the tourists have at the pretentious bitch.

What is that fat old sow doing at the Grand Canyon? No one wants to listen to her digitized voice or see her disgusting photoshopped body twerking like a damn degenerate trash hooker in a national park.

She looks like a jug of spoiled chocolate milk and her music is garbage. I wish I was there. Would have been nice to spit in her face.