Black Man OD's on a Bus, Saved by Firefighters/EMTs and Responds by Shooting and Killing Them

This white family man saved the life of an absolute piece of shit, only to get gunned down for doing so. A family was completely destroyed because the man of the house did his civic duty and saved the life of a drug addicted black piece of shit.

Watch the video and tell me we are all equal.

If they can’t be a part of a civilized society they need to go. Why do we put up with this? He should fucking fry in a chair.

Electricity costs too much on the taxpayer to kill these animals. A box of bullets however, is only around $10. Cost efficient and still effective.

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I hope those kids learn what truly happened to their father. I hope no one ever sugarcoats it. They deserve to know the truth.

RECAP: Basically, a black ODs on a bus, bus driver calls 911. EMS gives him narcan to save his life, he gets off the bus, cops ask if he has a weapon, draws his gun and fires, hitting one cop and killing the firefighter that gave him narcan. Takes White woman hostage. Cops kill him.

Diversity is our strength.

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Perhaps someone has professional knowledge, but I read it’s recommended that EMS resuscitate with Narcan only to the point where the subject is breathing again.

The scum died at the hospital.

So then you have incidents like this and wonder why cops seem to be treating them … like criminals.

The cops look out of control and unprofessional with the rough language here but of course, the video doesn’t show us what led up to where it begins.

Let’s say I’m going to hold out a healthy bit of skepticism as far as the “plaintiff’s” story goes until more is known.