Black Conservative NFL Star Annihilates Democrats During Reparations Hearing

Wow! Mr Owens, nailed it with facts! Democrats can’t run from their past and Mr Owens articulates in succinct terms!

“Retired NFL Super Bowl champion-turned community leader Burgess Owens on Wednesday slammed a proposal to study reparations for slavery and instead proposed that the Democrat Party pay for “all the misery” brought upon African-Americans.”

“I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race… Let’s pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race.”

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I’ll bet the Dems all thought Burgess Owens was gonna join Danny Glover in demanding reparations. :joy:

He made a strong argument against the Democrats and their history of damaging the black community and opposing civil rights for blacks for decades (before they came up with their trinkets-for-votes plan that LBJ signed in 1964).

Larry Elder is spot on also. The Democrats should pay for all the restitution due to blacks since it was the Democrats that benefited from slavery and opposed the abolition of it.

I was looking for another video of the same hearing where another fella was going against what the Democrats wanted to hear but didn’t have time. Anyway, slowly the Democrats golden cow slips from their grasp with each woken statement like these people have done! Larry Elder is an institution!

Oh Burgess just put a target on his back, you can forget about endorsements now my friend.

Telling the truth only gets you blacklisted, look at James Wood, and we see how Gary Oldman’s brilliant career goes ( he is one talented actor) after he took his stance against liberals.

Burgess is retired and is now a writer. He doesn’t need endorsing. He just needs to write well.

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No No , Im mean product sponsoring endorsement that retired players are known for, especially if you have a superbowl ring.

He just made himself a target as he is supposed to follow the democrat peoples plantation party ideology of youre a victim, oppressed, the orange bad man is evil, Obama is great etc etc etc.

At a net worth of $16 million…I doubt he needs endorsements at all.

He’s already proved he doesn’t support liberalism at all.



Ahh I found it!

Warning! This is really cringe worthy! Swallowell!

That was well said.

Seems like the ones against reparations actually take responsibility for their current lives. As he said, paying reparations means I’ve been victimized and I am not a victim (paraphrase).

Anyone who knows me, understands, bringing up reparations is not wise; but well, now it’s too late. I want my money for the enslavement of my Irish ancestors. AND I WANT IT NOW ! Slavery is slavery is slavery.

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves - Global …

]( -076) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This part of history is not taught in our taxpayer funded public schools. If it were, it would level the field on slavery; and that’s something our libs fear like the plague. Another tid bit not taught is, the precedent for lifetime ownership of a slave, was set ( IN COURT ) by a black man who was a slave owner. Funny how history is cherry picked. Yes Johnny, blacks also owned slaves. Oh the hypocrisy.

Lead the charge Jim. :+1:

That pretty much is the thesis of this entire debate. This debate is nothing new either, as this issue was brought up before a few years ago when Delroy Murdock said the same thing. I knew this guy when he was working at Howards Script Service, and unknown to me until recently he is now writing for the National Review. He knows this subject matter and the Democrats game long before this was in vogue.

Jim Crow is trending on Twatter!"Jim%20Crow"&src=tren

Sorry, I’m white. Any liberal will tell you, there were never any white slaves. Where ya been? The only slaves, in the recorded history of the entire planet, were blacks on white owned Southern American plantations. At least that’s what’s taught in our taxpayer funded, liberal influenced, public schools. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myself, I personally believe: TEACH IT ALL, OR TEACH NOTHING.

Lead the charge Jim…:+1:

It’s 2019 - why the hell are these morons in Congress having a discussion about slavery reparations? Don’t they have real work to do? This country is being illegally invaded by thousands of people every single day and they sit there and talk about a bunch of nonsense that happened generations ago where nobody who was impacted is still alive.

They are pandering for votes from the blacks. If reparations are to be paid, the funds should come from DEMOCRAT PARTY MEMBERS!

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Because…gibs me dat! Wypipo bad!

God I hope they don’t get a cent. Uppity blacks piss me of so much.

If the country ever goes down this road just remember that any amount wouldnt be enough. It never will be. You could do a cash payout of a million dollars to every non-white in the country, no questions asked, and the next day they would see nothing but weakness in us, and begin to demand 2 million each.