Black Americans see biased system in Rittenhouse Verdict

Black Americans see biased system in Rittenhouse verdict

CHICAGO (AP) — For many Black Americans, Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on all charges by a Wisconsin jury on Friday confirmed their belief in two justice systems: one for white people and another for Black people.

I agree with this.

During the 2020 riots last summer, TWENTY FIVE people were murdered and NOT ONE BLACK PERSON WAS CHARGED.

Kyle Rittenhouse LEGALLY defends himself against two WHITE rioters and he is arrested and charged with murder.

There IS a different standard, for sure.

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Actually Kyle was defending himself from a MOB . And the 2 whites you refer to were a child molester and a serial abuser , scum !!! Black have a history of claiming to be the VICTIM , fuck them period who the fuck cares what they think ? Blacks need to pay attention to black on black murders and the senseless killing of their children by blacks . 90% plus of blacks killed are killed by BLACKS , can someone please point that FACT out to the media ?

There IS a disconnect in liberals’ view of rioting. QAnon Shaman (one of the LEGAL protestors who stormed the Capitol) was given a three year sentence, even though no property was destroyed and no one was killed.

How many Burn Loot Murder animals were even ARRESTED in the riots that wound up with millions in property damage and over 25 people murdered?


There IS a bias in the justice system, race wise.

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Well they are the PROTECTED RACE ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It would seem the protection doesn’t apply to tears.

Especially since the O.J. Simpson trial !!!

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Who could ever forget all those white’s rioting and looting black owned stores . :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, that verdict was about as fair as the one for Reginald Denny. There was " no intent to harm" when he exited his truck and hit on the head with a brick. Which was on videotape. I guess in LA white truckdrivers are only allowed in certain areas.No mass rioting by whites either!!

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I suspect the same percentage of Blacks who make half the trouble in the entire nation are the ones who view the system as biased. The media seeks out those opinions to create a narrative that ‘Black Americans’ all see things a certain way.


And the WOKE bastards that took a knee for 6 full minutes for thug George Floyd . :poop: :poop:

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Exactly. I’m so overcome with guilt over that; I have to take a knee every time the black national anthem is played.

Imagine the outrage, if white athletes took a knee when that is played. Diversity classes would be full, more black looting and burning and white athletes banned from sports.