Biological Male Wins Miss America Competition For First Time

Biological Male Wins Miss America Competition For First Time

Biologically male teenager Brían Nguyen recently became the first transgender contestant to win a Miss America event.

The competition, which was for “Miss Greater Derry 2023” in New Hampshire, is part of the Miss America series of beauty pageants.

Brian Nguyen, biological male competitor, celebrates winning Miss Greater Derry in New Hampshire. Nguyen became the first transgender individual to win a Miss America competition. (Instagram)

This comes after a recent court ruling confirmed that transgender contestants could be excluded from competitions without penalty:

But the Miss America organizers clearly had no issue with a biological male competing in a competition with women.

This is another indication that activists intend to ”normalize” the disruption of spaces traditionally reserved for women.

Just recently, the Biden administration invited one of the more extreme activists into the White House to discuss normalizing women having bulges.

Transgender athletes have dominated sports competitions, spurring complaints from biological females repeatedly losing to physically superior contestants.

Safety concerns have also become increasingly important. Just recently, a biologically male transgender volleyball player injured a high schooler with a vicious spike.

Rugby leagues have prohibited biological males from competing against females.

Obviously beauty pageants don’t present the safety risk that sports do. But this represents a further encroachment into traditionally women’s competitions.

The left, which claims to be on the side of ”women’s rights,” once again has no interest in protecting women. Appeasing the transgender lobby clearly has more importance than actually defending biological females.

As long as transgender contestants continue to be rewarded, this kind of behavior will continue.

Has this become about breaking glass ceilings or continuing the mental illness of the country?

If anyone thinks a man looks better than a women , sorry they are as gay as hell . A demoRAT sausage party by mentally ill ! :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

The mental illness continues. Quit taking the hormones and presto chango, a male appears. genes cannot be changed.

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Another attempt to have people accept transgenders as " NORMAL " in all parts of society. I wonder if this was covered by MSM and given its blessing.
Would male professional boxers that identify as female and transgender be allowed to fight women? Could you imagine Bernard Hopkins be trans and be allowed to box women or any male MMA pros be allowed to fight women while identifying as female and trans.
The Liberal attempts of brainewashing society has to stop. Also , were there any protests about this?

“Kill en all” is my favourite Metallica album!

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Maybe this is part of the conditioning process in order to prepare the public in accepting Michael Obama as the first trans to run for president?

You would be the massive number of white women who say mike obama is their idol !! Why in the world did they give women the right to vote ?

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LOL, Bookmaker Betfair, which operates the world’s largest online betting exchange, gives Michelle Obama 25/1 odds of becoming the next president. These are the same odds Betfair is offering for former Rep. Beto O’Rourke and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

However, a Hill-HarrisX poll conducted from November 18 to 19 showed that Michelle Obama would be a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination if President Joe Biden does not seek reelection.

That poll found Michelle Obama enjoyed 10 percent support among respondents, losing out to Harris’s 13 percent but still significantly ahead of other contenders such Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg as well as Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

10% gets her nothing.

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