Biological Male Trans Athlete Wins Women's World Cycling Competition - Slams Critics As Transphobic

Transgender athlete Rachel McKinnon, a biological male who identifies as female, won the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships sprint title for the second year in a row.

“The 37-year-old, competing in the female 35-39 sprint category, had set a new world best time in qualifying,” according to the BBC. “The Canadian beat American Dawn Orwick for the gold, with Denmark’s Kirsten Herup Sovang claiming the bronze.”

McKinnon also took silver in the 500m time trial earlier in the week, BBC notes.

The athlete celebrated the win on social media and made a point of citing critics who’ve spoken out against biological men participating in women’s sports.

“This jersey, these medals, and this world record mean a whole lot more to me than my first,” McKinnon wrote via Instagram on Monday. “There were many more barriers this year, a much bigger spotlight, truly incessant hate and people doing everything in their power to have me banned, make me fail, and make me quit. But I didn’t. And I won’t.”

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Guy pretending to be a woman beats women in Women’s Cycling Competition…how long before all womens records are held by men?


Is it winning if you’re cheating? :thinking:

What do you get when you allow men to compete in female sports? You get what you deserve.


It’s biological women that are to blame for allowing this perverted mental illness to compete in women’s sports. The biological women need to protest and not compete in events where transgender are competing! If there are no natural women left to compete it essentially becomes a men’s sport again!

This is insane!

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maybe women are starting to grow a pair :slight_smile:

Ever notice that those of us who question climate change are called science deniers, but leftists will openly disregard basic scientific facts like gender and sex when it suits them?


One thing that the article points out is the associations reason for denying his application to enter the competition as a woman such as having bigger bone mass. It’s a flawed argument and they should just stick primarily with the higher testosterone one.

But this is what the left and progressives want, no difference between men and women.

Bet the real women are pissed as hell.

Let’s hope that the ones who demanded this crap are also just as pissed.

In the not to distant future there won’t be men’s and women’s sports, there will only be men’s sports and sports for men who aren’t good enough to be in men’s sports.


This is what they envisioned. EQUALITY.

Have you noticed that sex reassignment surgery only offers male and female? :rofl:


Why not create 3 classes, male female and ??? for all competitions.

In some ways probably so. In other ways, it is pressure from the left and the alphabet community.

Think about what happens if one or two women speak out about it not being fair. Colorado baker style harassment will be sure to ensue.

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THAT is a really good point!

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This is great. Mass red-pilling of female athletes, unless they are fine with getting whatever metals left after the trans-squad decimate them in any and every sport category.

And where are the transgender chess players? Oh wait, if they have a functional IQ, they wouldnt be chopping off their peckers.

In some aspects yes, because in some sports especially Olympic events there is the component of politics that plays a large part of it to where sanctioning bodies have turned a blind eye due to the ramifications! In other words the people who sit on these committees are cowards! On the other hand the only way to deal with this problem is simply for biological women to withdraw from competition altogether! Sure it will suck that they will not be able to do what they train to do, but that is life, sacrifices have to made in order to stand up for what is right.
If sanctioning committees won’t do anything to address this obvious conflict then who else is going to stop this monstrosity from continuing? What will it take? When a biological women dies at the hands of a transgender athlete? Didn’t we already just read about a biological woman getting her skull fractured in a MMA event in recent times? This is not an issue where the Color of ones skin is a factor, this is an issue where biology, and science confirm certain stated facts that no amount of genetic engineering is going to change! The reality is allowing transgenders to compete in biological women’s sporting events is perverting their sports to one of being of Frankenstein proportions, it’s become a freak show! Racism has nothing to do with it, biological women Athletes need to put up or shut to put a stop to this, because if they don’t then they will get what they deserve!

Lunatic doesn’t look like a lady.

Idiots who support his mental derangement are just as bad.

Have both these ITS completed the trans process or are they half and half ???