Bill Gates Wants to Export India's National ID System Around The Globe

It’s not just a social credit score system spreading around the world** from China that threatens the free people of the world; India’s Aadhaar National ID program has the full support of Bill Gates and the World Bank as a model for other countries to follow.

Gates said in a 2018 CNBC interview that **it was “too bad” if someone thought that Aadhaar was a privacy issue:

Perhaps the most sensational angle to this story is that the same international tech company that provides the infrastructure to Aadhaar also makes drivers licenses in the United States .

Idemia (formerly Morpho), is a billion dollar multinational corporation. It is responsible for building a significant portion of the world’s biometric surveillance and security systems, operating in about 70 countries. Some American clients of the company include the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and the FBI.

So are you supportive of free market capitalism bringing the best products to the market, or do you want everyone to just have substandard products because you have certain feelings about the product being made?

It seems to me that there is a large demand, from multiple countries, for secure identification documents that are linked to biometric data. If there is only one company out there making a truly superior product, what’s the problem?

Why not microchip everyone like we do to animals? Wouldn’t that be a superior product? Think of it…terrorism can be contained…bank frauds would be nearly impossible (cept for the super-rich) and voting systems would be secure (I think not if the superior Diebold was anything to go by).

If that would make air travel easier and prevent those really perverted groping TSA agents from fondling me…sure thing! Where do I sign up for chip implants? I’ll even take a permanent mark of the beast on top of the implant just to irritate conservatives who believe in hocus pocus.

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Wouldn’t this speak to the voter ID “problems” that you guys are always complaining about?

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Great observation @montecresto1!

Now watch, since you connected the dots for them on an abstract concept they are going to support it :rofl:

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I honestly see no problems with everyone having an I.D… Why not? Are you a drug dealer, a felon on the lam?
I have no problem with this because I have nothing to hide. Consider, the IRS already monitors your bank account, can go through your safety deposit box willy nilly- and you don’t want universal ID’s?