Bill Gates Daughter to Marry Muslim Horse Jockey from Egypt
I can only assume there were no suitable grooms from America. It is only a matter of time before she feels the harsh effects of Sharia Law. I would suggest the marriage will last two years at best.

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Perhaps she will offend him and lose her head .

And apparently Trump couldn’t find a suitable bride in America…Did that offend you too jbob???

Mon good point, but he did not marry a member of the religion of peace.

How do you know this American born and educated man is a Muslim, or religious at all???:man_shrugging:

Bill Gates is a globalist shill who wants to track and control the population as part of his de-population plan. Who cares who his whore daughter marries?


Why are you calling her a whore? There’s never any wonder why you guys like Trump…

Who said I like Trump? I voted for him, but I don’t like him. I just hate the left more.


Hes is a horse jockey. He is a traditional member of the religion of peace. It is reported all over the internet.

Oh ok, well that’s fair…

So if something’s reported on the internet it’s gospel?

And neverminding that your link disputes it’s own title, what does that have to do with the American born and educated equestrian professional that you’re claiming to be a Muslim without any proof, hmmm?

Please do your independent research. There are over 30 articles about this.

Bill Gates’ Wife Responds to Daughter’s Decision to Marry a Muslim

FEBRUARY 01, 2020

New Delhi: Bill Gates’ wife responded to her daughter, Jennifer Gates’ decision to tie knots with an Egyptian millionaire, Nayel Nassar.,-women-and-feminism/new-age-islam-news-bureau/bill-gates’-wife-responds-to-daughter’s-decision-to-marry-a-muslim/d/120953

Reaction of Bill Gates’ wife

I’m not researching your claim. You made it, support it…

New age Islam is your source.

There you go.
Money is the only language the Gates family understands.

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