Bilderberg 2019: Full Agenda and Participants List

See if you can recognize some of the people on this list! I am glad that this is out and in the open, as these people are plotting against the rest of us and I certainly want to keep tabs on who these globalist cucks are!

Stacey Abrams is attending? What! Why would that gap toothed sassy mammy be a participant at one of the biggest globalist events of the year? :thinking:

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I saw that too.

I suspect she is going for the free Bilderberg tote bag and the little bottles of European body cream and shampoo from the hotel.

Why else would she be going?

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She needs to get her marching orders for her next campaign. The masters need their slaves to listen to their instructions and follow them.


Holy shit…This absolute unit is going to teach the Bilderbergers this year about their racisms and how to save the world…Bilderberg has done got woke af…

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All I know is that they better break out the all-you-can-eat buffet or else she will go apeshit.

When we elected Donald Trump, wasn’t there something about how he was going to be against globalism?

I can’t seem to recall exactly, but I remember something like that maybe being talked about.

Now, however, you have his ■■■■■■ son-in-law Jared Kushner going to the biggest and most important globalist meeting on earth. Mike Pompeo is going along with him. Pompeo’s main duty as Secretary of State is to mouth Jared’s penis, a job which, according to Pompeo’s Wikipedia page, also includes anal licking. I know that’s vulgar, but look - it’s my job to report the facts.

Trump is draining the swamp so hard that his right-hand man Jared has to fly to Switzerland to catch all of the deep state operatives that are fleeing the country. But they can’t run away from Trump forever, Jared will catch them at their meeting, when they least expect it. The swamp can’t run away from Trump. Switzerland won’t keep them safe.

Thanks to Jared for keeping things MAGA.

Trust the plan. Q

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