BIG WIN for property owners! SCOTUS overturns precedent & Dems are furious

Three Cheers for SCOTUS. The precedent that was overturned was obviously biased against the property owners in favor of the states, as the state courts seemingly had conflicts of interest.

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I hope she chokes on it. She can throw all the fits she wants and I strongly suspect over the next few decades they will come a plenty.

One more pick and we will be able to overturn a hundred years of liberal judicial activism and at least start working back towards the republic we were given.

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Exactly. They have been ripping up the constitution, word by word, and replacing it with their leftist ideology through absurd interpretations of the original words.

Intentional complete misrepresentations would be more accurate.

They imagine things to be in the constitution that never existed and ignore the actual text and intent to get where they want to be.

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