Big Murder In The Cities

On the website, the headline read: “The Murder Spike In Big Cities, Explained”. Now I want you to get a load of this. There were about thirteen or fourteen different explanations given as to why there is so much murder going on. No. one: summer. I quess they mean heat see, can’t stand the heat so you murder people, maybe one can get cooler that way. No.two: Convid-19 Pandemic. Somehow the pandemic drives people nuts so murder a whole lot of people, anybody can see that. No. 3: bad economy. I guess they figure if you go out and murder people right and left you’ll get your job back. No.4: gun purchases. There now see, you buy a gun, what are you going to do with it, well you are going to kill somebody with it, anybody can see that. No.5: Boredom! Bored? Kill somebody. “Man look at those bullet holes I put in that guy, look at the blood spurting out, man what a kick!” No.6: “Social displacement as a result of physical distancing”. Oh yeah, hey, can’t get any closer than six feet, well I’ll just shoot the guy, get him out of the way! Anybody can see that that rotten “social distancing” can cause murder right and left. Don’t be stupid! No. 7: “When the pandemic stops killings will stop”. There’ye go, no problem! It’s that damn pandemic that is causing all the murders! Give me a break, give me a break! No: 8: Video games! Haha, now were are getting somewhere! “I was playing this here video game where I shot somebody, then when I went out on the street I shot somebody, I thought I was still playing the game!” No 9: “Black Lives Matter!” Most of the murders are black people murdering black people, so how do you handle “Back Lives Matter”, well you kill black people. Anybody can see the sense in that. No. 10: “Lack of trust in the police”. "Yeah, I don’t trust the police so I shot that black guy over there who had five kids. .Ah, yeah, right. No. 11: “Less ability to treat violent crime victims”. Yeah, see, I was shot and the hospital didn’t have room for me so I went out and shot a whole lot of people. I’ll teach so hospitals! No. 12: “Idle hands”. See you don’t take up making guitars, playing the piano, working on hot rod cars, no those things don’t make it man! No, ya gott’a kill people, take that pistol and put those hands to some good use! So there’ye go, just all kinds of good reasons to murder people all over town. And if you are arrested for murder don’t sweat it cause you can get off. All you gott’a do is say you were driven nuts and all, innocent for reason of insanity. So all this murder is because of people being driven nuts. Or maybe it is because those people are just rotten murders!

People that hate themselves, murder people. The hurt, pain, and humiliation they accumulate from their formative years from parents (or lack thereof) and abusive relatives and immediate acquaintances.

These damaged people may project these pain onto others, be it mean comments, sabotages, or straight up murder.

The cure to this perpetuating cycle of murder are good parents, role models and mentors.

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What do you do with the damaged? Lock them up, throw way the key? Exterminate them, and try to find a new way to rehabilitate them to being functioning, productive citizens of society?

And one that matters demonRATS !!! They are stirring up the hatred and feeding blacks a line of 400 year old bullshit to boot . As soon as most realize the sooner this will end - Blacks are violent and police are being handcuffed by dems , look at the cities where all this crap is taking place -LIBERAL DEM CITIES !!!

Therapy that enables them to accept themselves and their past, forgive the people that wrong them, and move on and shape their lives / destiny. It’s the kind of therapy that encourages the acceptance of the self and others, the human nature in general, and independence in finding your purpose/ meaning in life.

Some suggested readings:

No, I am not advocating for the pharmaceutical therapies with Opioid and anti-depression pills, because that only delays the inevitable while amplifying the bottled, chemically suppressed feelings. It also encourage dependence, chemically and financially. The media also encourages this kind of emotional dependency in manufacturing these victimhood / righteous savior complex in these damage people, which manifests in open riots on the streets.

A politically correct example: why are rich, white female kids so prevalent in the rank of Antifa and other radical organization? Because neglect is a form of parental abuse as well; not to mention possible sexual abuse from the the parents not being around, or from the parents themselves, or verbal abuses in the form of pointed envies from people around them. Money to them is a source of pain, because it takes their parents away from them, and they are now a subject to envy. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone has money regardless of what they do? Wouldn’t it be nice if we have socialism in America?

You want to read about rich kids who need more parental love and attetion more than they do money? Here you go:

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What was your favorite out of all the references you listed? The one that moved and inspired you the most?

That’s a hard question. These are actually the very creme de la creme of my reading list. Inspiring? I’d probably pick “Man’s search for meanings”. Action-Oriented? That would be “Laws of Human Nature”, since the author broke down Jungian psychology into highly-digestible and actionable bits. The other three are also pretty easy to read but with profound, paradigm-shifting effect.

If you want a big philosophical slap to the face, read books from the big three stoic philosophers: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus.



Here is an example of a troubled youth, hanging out with gangs on the street of New Zealand. His brother stepped up when their father passed away and took responsibility to be the role model. Now this troubled youth is playing in the NBA: he found his purpose, and devoted his whole being into what gives his life meaning. His name is Steven Adams. I dont even watch basketball, but hes by far the most underrated, humble and mature person in a league filled with entitled, immature babies.

Short abridged version:

Full documentary:

Must be a tremendous amount of people who hate themselves out there.