Big Bad Tariffs

Tariffs are doing real damage, right?
Well … maybe not.

Libs huffing and puffing “smoot coughcough Hawley coughcough depression coughcough” are hilarious.
Orthodox conservatives grieving over loss of “free market” … pathetic…convieniently forgetting that china is anything BUT free.

President Trump will tame China and restore trade balance ! :sunglasses:

If people don’t want to be impacted by tariffs there is an easy solution…you stop buying the Chinese crap with the tariffs put on them. Not so hard is it?

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That really is the entire point! The only people complaining are the ones who belong to the modern day aristocracy who promoted the likes of Globalism in order to enslave the masses and shape the world in their image! I would just assume to torture and kill the Zuckerbergs for their pious arrogance that has left a wake of destruction on modern day culture by their acquiescence to the CHICOMS and inviting a Trojan horse!

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