Biden's Economic Policies are Sinking the US Economy

That is correct, Trump had the worst job market since Hoover. There are a myriad of reasons Americans stopped him at a single term…

SPAM Attack, use clorox monte.

More sobering news that even Leftists who voted for Biden can’t defend!

Well, Covid seems to be the scapegoat for everything…
Indeed, the global pandemic has had its effect on the global economy…

Laura Rosner-Warburton: Inflation is tied to the global pandemic.

Ms. Rosner-Warburton is a senior economist and founding partner at MacroPolicy Perspectives.

The effects of fiscal support are already fading, which should reduce demand and lessen upward pressure on prices. Absent strong fiscal support, consumers’ price sensitivity should return. Meanwhile, supply and production are expanding, easing some of the shortages of key items whose prices have risen sharply.

In short, this year’s burst of inflation is very closely tied to the unprecedented events surrounding the global pandemic and not the start of a new regime in inflation dynamics.

This is a global problem, nothing to do with Biden policies….

Australia’s first-quarter inflation hits 5-1/2-year high


What do Zimbabwe, Australia, America and Communist China all have in common.
They are all run by dumb ass lefties communist socialist who couldn’t run a McDonalds.

Our ports are fucked because Biden wants to pay ppl to stay home that’s communist, but it’s back firing … republicans huge next 8 years.

Our incompetent transportation secretary just took off two months to breast-feed a baby lol
While Americas ports crumble …

And he’s probably going to run for president again.

Buttigieg delivered a less optimistic view, saying, “Some of this is a bigger-picture, longer-term issue that’s going to take years and years to address.”


Have no fear or transportation secretary is here

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No, it’s not……That’s fucker Carlson conspiracy theory….:roll_eyes:

There is GLOBAL inflation going on right now and all of humanity is feeling the brunt. But all the Christian Right can do is mock Biden and blame him when it’s a result of a virus that hit the world in 2019……:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

We have inflation right now in these countries because of communist socialist. Socialism doesn’t work Monty deal with it

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What a fuckin moron, inflation is to much money chasing to few goods. Who’s pumping all that money into the economy dildo?

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Well it’s a given that you never read it despite it being out there on his platform for 15 months….

Try as you may, you cannot blame Biden for global inflation caused by the 2019 virus….:blush:

Ron Klain the crazed chief of staff, worshipped by left-leaning media, retweeted a post from a former member of Barack Obama’s administration who claimed the current inflation and supply chain crises only affect “high class” people.

This is an obnoxious dismissal of the concerns of tens of millions of Americans worried about price spikes on daily necessities this year.

You are without a doubt a fking moron of the highest order!

We don’t have this inflation problem here in Asia. How do you explain that? It can’t be a Global problem if China is not having the same problems. Get a fking clue jerkoff!

Biden Canceling of Keystone pipeline

Economic policies regarding interruption of the supply chain leaving shelves bare and causing prices to go up.

FEDS printing more money means lower value on the dollar (Quantitative easing in Hyper drive) negative rates?

Now Vaccine Mandates interrupting transportation sector

Apparently you are too much of a knuckle head to understand basic truths of this administrations economic policies that is causing artificial inflation not seen since 1970.

Did you even read your own sources? Uh, I am going to guess a big no as usual!

Thanks Montecrusty for proving once again that exposing your own ignorance on such subject matter is a main reason why no one here takes you serious. Par for the course for your stupidity! What a dumbass you are! Some one should shoot you in your head and put you out of your misery and save the rest of the planet from your retardedness!

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This is absolutely BS and unnecessary. A fake created crisis.

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I miss trump

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