Biden to prioritize legal status for millions of immigrants

Look at Germany,France and Italy! It appears that the US under Biden will join the club of ratifying illegal aliens!

Poor Americans are about to get destroyed with this wave of illegals. They keep saying don’t be violent. How much more can we take of Democrats failures?

Here is an excellent essay written by Gov. Lamm. Excellent!
Abraham Lincoln put it well: “As our case is new, so we must think and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves.” Few issues facing the United States are as important as the question of immigration, and on no other issue are Americans so blinded by past myths.
As children and grandchildren of immigrants, we have made immigration such a part of our mythology and folklore that it is immensely difficult to come to grips with the new realities. But history plays strange tricks on civilizations: Yesterday’s solutions become today’s problems.
Once the United States needed immigrants to people an empty continent. The myth lingers on, but those days are gone,never to return. Frontier America is gone, replaced by an America of 7.6 percent unemployment, with appallingly high unemployment among youth who are minority group members. Increasingly scarce resources, severe economic problems and the U. S. social fabric demand a rational immigration policy.
Immigration is already at the highest level in U. S. history: 808,000 legal immigrants in 1990, including the special status given to Cubans and Haitians. That is twice the number of immigrants accepted by all the rest of the world.
In addition to these legal immigrants, illegal immigration is at a high, non-quantifiable level. We do know that we had more than 1 million apprehensions of illegal immigrants in the last few years - 10 times the level in the early 1960s. It is not usually recognized, but most immigrants came not in 1911 or 1893 but in 1980. Legal and illegal immigration accounts for half the U.S. population growth rate and a rising percentage of crime.
Whatever the pressures now, they will soon grow dramatically worse. The population of Mexico has nearly tripled since 1945 and is expected to double in the next 20 years. Mexico has a 1abor force of 19 million people, half of them unemployed or seriously underemployed. Considering the great discrepancy in per capita income, the northward pull is tremendous.
We have to get our hearts in line with our heads and our myths in line with reality. We know we cannot accept all the people who want to come to to the United States. We know our immigration policy has to be designed in the U.S. interest.
We hate to say no to that worthy individual from the poverty-stricken country who just wants to do a little better. It seems selfish to set limits. The lady in the harbor would not understand. I believe, though, that dramatic reform is necessary and inevitable, and that the sooner we recognize this, the better off we will be.
Every year the United States imports a new poverty class. America owes its first duty to its own disadvantaged, unemployed and poor to maintain the strength of the United States. We can only meet our commitments by placing realistic limits on immigration.
The lady in the harbor symbolizes liberty, not immigration. It is time that we disenthralled ourselves.

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Honduras: 2nd Migrant Caravan of 2021 Heads to US-Mexico Border | News | teleSUR English

More to come!

There are allegedly 11 million immigrants living in America. Not even the most bigoted president in American history, with the backing of people who would have readily supported rounding them up and shipping them out, could do so. The reason why, is that’s not America. :man_shrugging: We don’t do that here, and we didn’t allow Trump to do so. In fact, so offended by Trump’s nasty ass, Americans repudiated him in a super landslide, impeached him twice, band him from social media, canceled business dealings and contracts with his companies, running him out of Washington amongst the most humiliating circumstances in our nations history…

So, with rounding them up being an IMPOSSIBILITY bringing them out of the shadows is the prudent thing to do…,

And what do you think about the essay from Gov, Lamm? Do you disagree with him?

Yep, this is the history of America. Btw Bob, you’re into the history of American war, more so those overseas, but I would encourage you to give a little attention to manifest destiny, how Polk was elected, and how he incited a war with Mexico for the express purpose of taking from them, part of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada. California and a bit more…

And the rights hero (congressman at the time) Abe Lincoln, opposed it with a third of congress, and declared it nothing more than “an illegal land grab”

Keep that in mind when you complain about “illegal”immigrants.

“Most Whigs viewed Polk’s motives as conscienceless land grabbing.”

Yes I am very familiar with Manifest Destiny. The annexation of Hawaii is appalling. The American slaughter of the Philippines is beyond comprehension. Now America faces charges of hegemony having military treaties of cooperation with more than 100 nations. But all of the past does not excuse illegal migration.

Well, good luck defending what you acknowledge to be ill gotten gain…:man_shrugging:

These dreamers most of whom have a social security card,driver´s license or who have filed tax returns, obviously used a fake birth certificate or other means of identification to gain access to those documents…SO these people want to be rewarded for snatching jobs from lawful residents. If I filed a false tax return,I would be hauled off to jail.But like Europe, it does not matter. How many of these dreamers have received government benefits and cheap student loans by using fake documents.


Great idea when millions of Americans are unemployed.

Typical leftist stupidity.


Most of us conservatives are DREAMERS believing anything meaningful will be done about the illegals.With the Commiecrats in charge, illegals will be given open access to come across the border like a TSUNAMI WAVE.
Our social programs meant for our citizens and LEGAL immigrants will be overburdened along with a big increase in drug related crimes.
These polices will help to insure their defeat come 2024 by Trump or someone else .
Commiecrats enjoy while you can,. Remember House seats are up for election every 2 yrs.


The United States incited a war with the newly independent and weak Mexico for the express purpose of annexing more than half of their country. And pioneers flocked to the newly swiped land seeking to be awarded with free land and statehood…

I just can’t get passionate about this one, it lacks the moral fortitude of other endeavors…:man_shrugging:

All countries have a black history.Why not concentrate on the positive things? Be lucky you have a job.and your right to freedom of speech.


Because it’s easier to focus on the past indiscretions. The USA is horrible because of the past… slavery… the Native American displacement… America stole everything… founding fathers owned slaves…

Never mind that there is nothing to be done about the past, and those of us in the here and now had nothing to do with any of it. We just live in this country and try to get by the best we can, but, somehow we are supposed to give everything up because of what happened in the past. That’s some fucked up logic right there!

All countries have a black history.Why not concentrate on the positive things? Be lucky you have a job.and your right to freedom of speech.

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The obvious, it’s history and cannot be changed.

I bet monte hasn’t given a dime to pay for reparations to anyone, just wants everyone else to pay for it.

But then gain I suspect that i’s just something to bitch about and create dissension on this site.


You mean illegal aliens? Correct?

Ha ha ha! You nailed it! Every post is not ever finding common ground with people that have different views but always being the contrarian to pacify their own insecurities. When lying about facts is the weapon of choice to misplace their own faults onto others then you know how to identify the weak link in humanity! It’s projection at its best!


Lol, I’m happy to focus on those things if you feel so inclined to author a thread about them…:man_shrugging:

But to the topic, if Biden has a plan for the 11 million immigrants hiding in the shadows, it seems reasonable to me given the history I already mentioned.

Poor Americans need identity, culture and heritage, it’s kinda stupid to bring over ppl that will act like fascist in our country, refuse to assimilate, and make fun of native Americans.

We need to take care of the American poor, by that I mean promote our incredible heritage, dominate culture. Can’t do that with a bunch of Mexicans taking everything