Biden to kill 20 thousand jobs in just one swoop, day one

As China sits back and says kill your ppl give me the jobs… but yes no violence as we all die off. And republican talking heads keep getting a check.

WTF was the last 4 years spent? This thing should have been built by now! Crap!

China is laughing their way to the bank.

Hunter is rubbing his hands in anticipation.

The left is dumber than a box of rocks.

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It was never going to be successful anyway, so Biden’s cancellation isn’t doing much…:man_shrugging:

Last July, the Supreme Court rejected a request from the Trump administration to allow construction of parts of the oil pipeline that had been blocked by a federal judge in Montana.

It would have lowered energy cost lol and 20 thousand ppl would have good paying jobs… you ppl want death ya just don’t have the balls to start a war. It’s ok karma is coming back around hehe

That is probably the point when Biden is on the take!

The ONLY silver lining for me with this President is that he’s going to screw around and the price of oil is going through the roof. The rest of the economy will suffer though and ultimately, a few years from now, the oil price will dip again due to less demand as the economy shrinks.

The idiot doesn’t;t care about the people who will lose their jobs as long as his progressive agenda and hate for Trump is soothed.