Biden takes tough China policy

So much for Biden being in China’s pocket…

JOE Biden has signalled the new American administration plans to take a tough line on China with the President’s choices for his Cabinet putting him on a collision course with Beijing.

Proverbial dog biting the hand that feeds him?

Just like the “inaugural” theatrics on 1-20, it’s all comics for the sheep.

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Nope, you Japanese haven’t a clue what’s going on with this…

China and Israel (Read Zionists) are close allies behind the scenes.
Sheep have no clue because the US media is owned by them.

Ain’t seen it yet. Maybe he will prove us all wrong. I mean after all, his family has already made so much off them. Surely, he can take a stronger stance against them now.

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No. He and his family made so much off the American taxpayers and the people of Ukraine and many other places. Typical parasites.

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