Biden Lied – Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership as Pressure on U.S. State Dept. For Assistance in Removing Ukraine Corruption Probe

Well sometimes the truth comes out in the wash and this time is no different! What is going to be most satisfying is seeing the blowhard trolls here with egg on their face, because let’s be honest most despise lying hypocrites who like to propagate their hate!

This is the evidence the media said didn’t exist:

Newly discovered emails between Ukrainian energy company Burisma and State Dept. officials show the company was leveraging Biden’s affiliation with the company to get U.S. govt assistance.

As a result of a FOIA lawsuit journalist John Solomon has received emails between the Burisma energy company and U.S. State Department; where Burisma seeking U.S. government assistance to get the Ukraine prosecutor to drop a corruption probe against the energy co., and leveraging Hunter Biden’s board membership toward their efforts.

Has this been verified through multiple sources?

It came from the State Department FOIA office. Why would that need to be verified by multiple sources? For State Department emails…the State Department is the source (that is unless they are on a private server in a bathroom at the Clinton residence).


Well you know that site right? I don’t think Sundance would post something before he has had time to vet its source and the validity of it!

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You are correct! Its starting to make sense, as one narrative of the impeachment fiasco is to protect the Bidens!

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Ukraine Gas Firm Tied to Biden Lobbied State Department to End Corruption Allegations, Emails Show

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Biden needs to drop out of the race for his own good and the good of The Party, otherwise he’s going to be a rotting dead albatross hanging from the neck of all the democrats running next year for POTUS.

You are probably right, and is another reason why Bloomberg is going to enter the race!

I’m not sure what would be better, Trump/Pocahotas or Trump/Bloomers.

Either way it’s likely to be a slaughter.

Could be both. If Bloomberg decides he is indeed entering the race and wins the nomination, he could elect to have Warren as his running mate. Of course that is noy likely but a possibility. Not likely because Bloomberg is a Wall Street ■■■ and I don’t think he would be that stupid to make the mistake that Warren has by her insane anti Wall Street policies that she is championing that has prevented any of them donating to her campaign.

I’m almost certain the VP candidate will be Harris no matter who wins the nomination.

Bernie will probably sell his supporters for a cabinet post or ambassadorship in Russia.