Biden is Losing it-"Go Vote for Someone Else"

Even with Pelosing giving him essentially a free run in Iowa he’s still blowing it.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1222258335342366721&


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Biden is so contemptuous of actual voters. He just wants to be crowned and views this whole campaign as a chore.

No surprise. Biden is an entitled elitist Democrat and only in the race for himself, not the American people. This is getting incredibly common with the Democratic Party…if you disagree with them or call them out on anything they chastise and bully you.

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He struts around like royalty and expects everyone to go along with everything he says. He learned from the best - Obama.

While all of this is true what’s important is the fact he honestly seems to be coming apart at the seams.

I mean seriously, every politician feels this way frequently but damn you don’t say it out loud and you sure don’t say it on camera.

I guess “bridge-building” is reserved for dealing with the Ukrainians who are lining his pockets; everyone else, not so much.


I’ve long questioned his temperament and mental stability. He’s had some serious cranio vascular problems over the last 15 years and I suspect while his speech centers seem to still function fairly well there’s some significant damage that he’s been able to hide.

Even if I agreed with his politics I couldn’t support him as a candidate for POTUS.

You can hear his staff desperately trying to get crazy grandpa to shut up and shuffle off. Look for him to sing a different tune after his staff strokes his leg hair while whispering in his ear.

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This is probably the best advice that Biden can give anybody. I hope they go into the primaries completely fractured and broken.

You’re giving me flashbacks to the cranky, grumpy old man cartoon version of Mr Magoo.

Here’s a clip of Biden telling voters that he needs to pick a young VP because he’s too old to be President.

This is how we end up with Hillary as President. If this moron gets the nomination screen cap this. The next thing he does is pull Hillary in. If by some off chance he beats Trump then Biden will retire within the first year citing health concerns and we end up with Killary as the boss.

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I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility but now that you mention it it’s a scenario that is entirely possible and highly likely. Hillary, Biden, and Obama are still running the party and they aren’t about to give up their grasp on power to Bernie Sanders.

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Biden as the nominee will shear off the Bernie wing from the party. Hillary as VP candidate would permanently shatter the Democrat party.

Oh my. That is not as crazy as I wish it to be.

Problem with this is Hillary has not aged well since 2016 with any voter.

Calling Tulsi a Russia plant?

Doing more interviews than while she was a candidate?

She would sink Biden.

Still a frightening possibility.


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That is devious. :thinking:

I just posted in another thread Joe doesn’t seem to have his heart in this.

THAT theory would make a great ad for both him and Bernie what with them being older than dirt.

I saw something funny the other day regarding Bernie:

Bernie 2020: Feel the Bern

Bernie 2021: Fill the Urn.

:flushed: :laughing:

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There’s a very real possibility too that they screw Bernie out of the nomination again using the “Super Delegates” and in revenge Bernie splits off and makes a serious third party run.

She went even further calling her a Russian Asset. Dem’s tend to only get about 20-30% of the military vote and Hillary likely wouldn’t even pull that much.