Biden, in stunning comment, says voters don't deserve to know his stance on packing Supreme Court

Joe Biden on Friday again refused to state whether he would attempt to pack the Supreme Court if elected president, saying in an interview that voters “don’t deserve” to know his position on the issue.

Some Democrats have suggested the party attempt to pack the Supreme Court, or increase the number of justices on the bench, if the party wins the presidency and a Senate majority in the November elections. The proposal comes as Republicans attempt to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the court, solidifying a 6-3 conservative majority.

Biden and running mate Senator Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) have repeatedly refused to state whether they support packing the court. However, Biden was again pressed on the issue during an interviewby reporter Ross DiMattei of KTNV, a Las Vegas ABC affiliate.

DiMattei said the question of court packing was the “number-one issue” viewers have asked him about.

“Sir, don’t the voters deserve to know…” DiMattei asked.

“No they don’t deserve—I’m not gonna play [President Trump’s] game,” Biden responded, adding that Trump would “love that to be the discussion instead of what he’s doing now.”

Biden said at a Friday press conference that voters would only know his position on court packing after the election.

You have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.

The sheer audacity of voters not deserving to know is stunning. It should be reason to kick Biden to the curb, but the libs are too far gone and stupid to figure that out.


He doesn’t want to alienate half his base.

Refusing to answer should be the signal for most to drop him yet they follow like good little sheeple.

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Implying Democrats have to pack the courts when conservative appointed justices always side with them. When traitors like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh support trannies, what good is a conservative court?

Gorsuch is motivated by 2 things.

A desire to insure the court remains independent, The ACA decision was one such decision. The decision was controversial and require him to b the swing vote. The other motivation was following the constitution. His statement is that if voters didn’t like the decision they should respond with their vote. Certainly a high bar, and the voters did respond with a Trump election and a GOP senate.
You may not like some decisions however thy ed to follow he constitution and not the progressive or conservative party line. I expect Barrett to do exactly the same.

The judges Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor et al, block vote entirely following the progressive party line and what they believe to be the living constitution. Packing the court with more activist judges ensure the same. What the leftists don’t quite get is that the next GOP majority would pack the court with more judges the are constitutionalists. A never ending battle with the SCOTUS numbers escalating forever.

A better route for both parties would be term limits as the typical judge in the past served 15 years or so, today it can be 30-40 years.


Refusing to answer anything when running for office should be a red flag.

But people care more about social issues then to do about important issues like the economy. I guess they just take for granted that someone’s going to pay their way if the going gets tough.

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I’m not sure they can think that far ahead.

Yeah great idea everyone stay home, the reality hits when the bills com due then everyone has their hand out. The laughable part is states shut down the economy and the Federal Government which is broken is expected to help everyone, people, local governments, schools, state governments when we are above 27 trillion in debt which exceeds the GDP. But this was never about the virus or how deadly, it was but about politics and using it as a wedge issue as nothing else has worked so far. The dems have finally trashed the economy and they label it Trumps fault. People cannot even see that it was governors panic that trashed the economy.

No thought of consequences whatsoever ever.

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Here’s what’s going to happen. If the Republican Senate decides to push Barrett’s nomination through then as soon as we take control in January…the court is going to get corrected to ensure an appropriate balance is achieved. It’s all about having the right number of justices to reflect the view of the American people…not Republicans.

We all know no matter what they say , once in office they will do whatever they want dems don’t honor promises haven’t we learned that yet ?

lol - I love all the rage in this thread. It tells me that all of you know that you can’t stop what’s coming.

And he’s what’s going to happen. When the GOP takes control after Biden trashes the country first order to add justices to return the court to the mix we have today.

See, 2 can play that game, just ask Dirty Harry Reid, oh that’s right he like ginsburg is dead.

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Buckle up buttercup, the hate is coming at you so you and the leftist idiots in the democon can realize what you have been putting the county through for the last 4 years.

Everything they had raised against Trump during the first three years of his presidency has been forgotten. Fracking? The Biden-Harris ticket can’t give a straight answer, even though this undercuts all arguments for resuming the Paris climate accord. Biden and Harris pointedly refuse to give any answer at all when it comes to the judiciary and specifically their intention to pack the courts. The Russian conspiracy theories they were peddling for the first three years of the Trump presidency have been promptly forgotten.

They used to claim that, with his embrace of Israel and the abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal, Trump was hurtling the U.S. into a Middle Eastern war. They became even more shrill when Trump (with the sort of calculated risk in the national interest for which leaders are chosen) killed Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Qassem Soleimani, when he was in Iraq waging war against U.S. personnel. Instead, Trump has brokered a historic peace deal between Israel and key Sunni Muslim states, and nobody wants to talk about Iran anymore.

Whatever happened to Trump’s tax reform bill, which Democrats angrily and persistently derided as a “scam”? It appears that insult has been missing from the debate for about eight months now. Go figure.

As for the economy, Democrats’ only idea for it at this point is to go back into a national lockdown and damage it still further. This is an attempt to have things both ways, and only complicit media coverage is allowing it to work. Note how, in last week’s vice presidential debate, Harris repeatedly referenced the current economic downturn as if Trump had somehow caused it with tariffs or bad tax policy. Virus? What virus?

It would be easy to forget about all of the issues where Democrats tried and failed to crush Trump. It would be especially easy and pleasant to forget about the impeachment that they put the country through for no good reason. But please don’t forget.

Remember that Democrats abused the impeachment process against a president they love to hate, just to excite their far-left voter base and raise more money for the 2020 election. They are now determined to impose simple-majority rules in the Senate, which they doggedly opposed when it served their purposes. They also intend to pack the Supreme Court. There is no constitutional institution that they respect.

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Lol thats really funny… that courts represent the people of the US. You guys just want to pack the court with judicial activists to advance your far left agenda the American people dont agree with!


This may not belong here but I don’t want to start a new thread just to say: That senator from Hawaii, Hirono, is a clod.

Your much to kind

An idiot would also fit

You’re not wrong. But, we have to keep trying. Even a bad conservative is hella better than RBG

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I am not sure agreeing to terms as offering a conciliatory Olive branch is going to work. Especially as evidenced by the dissenting opinions that are based purely on emotions and not one of a cogent intelligent kind.
No quarter should be given for they made their bed they just don’t like being forced to sleep in it. Their projection is irony, they never can take responsibility for the bad decisions that they make and is reflective of their actions in their personal lives as well!

The decision he made was based on the constitutionality of the mandate. He judged it correctly as it was a tax. The Obama administration use of fee incorrectly as it is clearly a tax. The Obama administration was sliding it by soft soaping the mandate. Gorsuch was correct in his assessment.

I am sorry, I should have quoted your post because I was not commenting on what Gorsuch ruled on, but your term limit suggestion. I have no problem with how he decided it, as I am in agreement with you, I may have not liked it, but you are right he did rule correctly in that decision.

A better route for both parties would be term limits as the typical judge in the past served 15 years or so, today it can be 30-40 years.

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