Biden – ‘I have double the blacks that you have’

Oh boy! I wish I was making this up but during the latest Democratic debate the clowns known as the Democratic presidential candidates were actually arguing about how many black friends they have! What a pathetic bunch of losers! Holy crap!

“Biden: I have double the blacks that you have
Steyer : No you don’t
Bernie: I have 9 blacks supporting me”

Aside from the clown show, who would’ve known there was a Democratic debate taking place unless there was a major gaff that everyone is making fun of?

This one was a doozy!

Did someone say “Native Americans”? Lol!

Andrew Yang Truth Bomb

Uh Oh, looking like a pissin contest. What a hoot.

My grandma Vilula would say, people like Biden & Bernie, are “around the bend”. In fact it looks like the entire line up is around the bend.

My god , what a pack of losers , Trump will eat them alive ! #TRUMP 2020

Democrats are a joke! This has become a circus side show missing the shot out of the Canon event!

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At least Biden is being honest about how all of them view their favorite identity groups. Sheep to be counted and nothing more. Not people. Sheep.

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They tell me 24/7 that white people suck yet 13% of the population commit 50% of the crimes and is always painted out to be victims. What a weird country we live in.

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This is like children arguing on the playground. What part of the black community do they have ??? Surely not the unemployed blacks that have found jobs during the Trump Admin. Only the ones on welfare or " disability " drinking Mad Dog on the street corner.

Sounds like grandma Vilula was a wise woman.

I’m really happy you had such a great family to guide you into adulthood and beyond.

She lives on through you to this day. I think she’d be proud. :heart:

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That reminds me of one of my beliefs regarding death.

Family members and pets don’t really die. They live on inside the survivors. To some extent, this is true of good friends.

Oftentimes when I’m confronted with an ethical or moral decision, I wonder what my grandmother, mother, father…would do under similar testing.

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Absolutely. Good friends and pets absolutely included. Gravitate to those who make you a better person, not those who drag you down. Quality of life improves dramatically as a result. A benefit? Paying it forward.